Paul Kerr

Environmental Technologist, Intel

Stevie Maxwell

Sr. Process Chemical Engineer, Micron Technology

Ryan Pavlick

Innovation Engineer – Wastewater, Intel

Nora Colligan

Staff Engineer, Material Technology, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Latif Ahmed

Microcontamination Engineer, Intel

Jim Snow

Senior Technologist - Global Sustainability, SCREEN SPE

Ashutosh Bhabhe

Co-founder and CEO, 14si Solutions

Siddarth Sampath

Applications Manager, Entegris

Andreas Neuber

Director Environmental Services, Applied Materials

John Painter

Principal, Pure Facilities Solutions LLC

Glen Biggs

Facilities Engineer, onsemi

Laura Ledenbach

Head of Global Electronics Quality – Active Oxygens, Evonik

Mike Knapp

Facilities Engineer, WTR, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Brad Herbert

Senior Process Engineer, Jacobs Engineering Group

Alex Milshteen

Engineering and Commissioning Manager, Intel Corporation

Dan Wilcox

Principal / Advanced Manufacturing | Process Engineering Director, Page

Alan Knapp

Senior Director, Microelectronics Market, Evoqua Water Technologies | Xylem

Bob McIntosh

Consultant, Enviro-Energy Solutions

Bernie Zerfas

Former Facilities Engineer at GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Slava Libman

CEO, FTD Solutions LLC


Abbas Rastegar

Director of Technology, Applied Materials

Akira Nakamura

Assistant Manager, Organo

Alana Denning

Facilities Engineer, UPW, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Ali Ozhan Altun

Senior Scientist, ETHZ

Alon Tish

Sales and Marketing Manager, Rimon ltd

Amit Sengupta

Global Senior Technical Specialist, Separations & Purification Sciences Division, 3M

Anthony Ozzello

Senior Engineering Manager, Wet Etch and Cleans Applications, Liquid Microcontamination, Entegris Corporation

Anthony Schleisman

High Purity Lab Manager, Cleburne Production Plant, SACHEM, Inc.

Ben Winsett

Facilities Engineering Manager, RFAB, Texas Instruments

Beryn Adams

Ion Exchange

Boris Liberman

Chief Technology Officer & VP, Membrane Technology, IDE Technologies Ltd.

Brad Herbert

Senior Process Engineer, Jacobs Engineering Group

Brett M. Clark

Product Management Specialist, Suez Water Technologies and Solutions Analytical Instrument Business

Carsten Owerdieck

Process Engineering Manager, Americas, SUEZ

Charlie He

Vice President and Chief Technologist, Carollo Engineers

Charlotte Parks

Samsung Austin Semiconductor (SAS)

Charlotte Parks

Senior Engineer, UPW, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Chelsea Tura

Technology Integration Enhancement Engineer, Ultrapure Water team, Intel

Chuck Dale

Global Domain Leader - Microelectronics, SUEZ

Dan Montville

Senior Manager, Test and Methods, SACHEM, Inc.

Dan Rodier

Technologist, Particle Measuring Systems

Dan Wiederin

President, Elemental Scientific

Dave Buesser

COO, FTD Solutions

Dave Buesser

COO, FTD Solutions

David Blackford

Former President of Kanomax FMT, Inc.

David Troy

Sustaining Engineering Manager, TRUMPF Photonics

Drew Sinha

Lead Process Engineer, Sumco USA

F. Philip Yu

Industry Technical Consultant, Manufacturing/Food & Beverage Strategic Business Unit, Nalco Water

Ferdinando Crapulli

Research Scientist, Trojan Technologies

Gary Van Schooneveld

President, CT Associates, Inc

Gerd Heser

Director of Product Planning and Management Water, Pall Microelectronics

Gil Maron

Engineering Lead, FTD Solutions

Gil Maron

Project Manager and On-Site Representative, FTD Solutions

Glen Slayter

Analytical Instrumentation Engineer, Intel Corporation

Hanspeter Muller

Senior Engineering Manager Services,  Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd.

Hanspeter Müller

Senior Engineering Manager Services, Georg Fischer Piping Systems Schaffhausen Switzerland

Hiroshi Kimoto

Research Developer, Nomura Micro Science Co., Ltd.


PhD researcher, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

James Green

Global Product Marketing Leader, Suez Water Technologies

Jerry Aguilar Jr.

Market Development Manager, Reverse Osmosis and Ion Exchange, Lanxess Sybron Chemicals

Jinjin Wang

Scientist, Balazs NanoAnalysis, Air Liquide Electronics

Jochen Ruth

SLS Director, Microelectronic Europe

Jochen Ruth

Director, Microelectronics, Pall Corporation

John Heye

Project Manager, Worldwide Facilities, Texas Instruments

Joshua Zoshi

Chief Operating Officer, Saltworks Technologies

Katie Van Strander

Senior Engineer and Slurry Team Lead, Gas & Chemical Systems group, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Kazushige Takahashi

Assistant Manager, Organo

Keith Dillenbeck

Product Line Manager, Particle Measuring Systems

Kevin Huang

Chemist, PeroxyChem

Klaus Zoltner

Senior Technical Sales and Product Manager, Base and Lamp Materials, Heraeus Quarzglas

Kristin Cavicchi

Senior Applications Engineer, Air Liquide Electronics

Kyohei Tsutano

Assistant Manager, Organo

Majid Entezarian

Senior Technical Specialist, Separation and Purification Science Division (SPSD), 3M

Mark Kelinske

Applications Chemist, Agilent Technologies

Masayuki Kawakami

Engineer and Researcher, Organo Corporation

Matthew Jones

Applications Engineer, Desalitech

Mike G. Naggar

MGN International Inc.

Mike Knapp

Facilities Engineer, WTR, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Philippe Rychen

Global Director of Innovation, OVIVO

Philippe Rychen

Global Director of Innovation, Ovivo

Pia Herrling

Innovation Engineer, Ovivo Switzerland AG

Pia Herrling

Head of Nanoparticle Group and Project Manager Innovation, Ovivo Switzerland AG

Ramon Ocanas III

Particle Counting Technician, Sales Application Support, and Training, RION product line, MGN

Richard Godec

Godec Incorporated

Stephen N’Guessan

Facilities’ Water Treatment Engineer, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Steven Wells

Director, Sensor R&D, Georg Fischer Signet LLC

Sylvain Keav

Head, Ovivo Innovation Center

Takaaki Chuuman

Senior Researcher, R&D division

Varinder Malik

UPW Engineering Lead, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Vivian Benjes

Facilities Process Engineer, Ultra Pure Water Division, Intel Corporation

Vladimir Dozortsev

Development Manager, Trace Metal Instrumentation

Wing Cho

Senior Process Engineer for SUEZ Water Technologies Solutions

Yuji Nishio

Assistant Manager, HORIBA Advanced Techno Co.