UltraPure Micro 2023: Unlocking Facility 2.0

Ultrapure Micro 2023, Texas, was a sell-out success. 500+ attendees from across the microelectronics value chain came together to connect, collaborate, and share the solutions needed to advance progress towards the conference theme, Unlocking Facility 2.0.

Laser-focused on end-user needs, this year’s agenda addressed rapidly evolving operational challenges. With 14% of all attendance being made up of end-user representatives, the conference remains one of the most important yearly touch points between these facility engineers and the wider supply chain.

The Conference brought together innovators and thought-leaders in key areas of the industry, so experts could learn from each other. The technical presentations delivered at UPM 2023 are now live on the UPM Member Portal. Find out how to access these here

Details about next year’s event will be announced soon. Register your interest in attending today.

Meet The Co-Moderators
The Ultrapure Micro conference is developed alongside a co-moderating team of industry experts committed to the distribution of the highest quality research. Each year they work hard to help deliver an Ultrapure Micro agenda that is practical, data-driven, and focused on critical end-user needs.

2023 Sponsors

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James Head
Sales and Sponsorship Manager

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Alice Young
Head of GWI Communities

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UPM Community Manager