UltraPure Micro 2023: Unlocking Facility 2.0

With an agenda steered by industry experts and driven by end-user needs, Ultrapure Micro is the premier annual conference driving semiconductor manufacturing forward through collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Unlocking Facility 2.0 will require technological innovation across the industry, and a fundamental overhaul of traditional facility management techniques. Ultrapure Micro 2023 will drive this critical transformation, facilitating expert-hosted panels and roundtables, bringing together key contacts from all key parts of the supply chain, and showcasing 40+ expert-reviewed, data-driven presentations.

These presentations will be split across three parallel strands, each targeting a crucial area for change:

High Purity Environments

High purity environments are key to consolidating the industry’s key parameters: yield and reliability. UPM 2023 will present cutting-edge techniques relating to ultrapure water, high purity liquids, chemicals and gases, airborne molecular contamination, critical components, and more.

Environmental Sustainability

New ESG goals, emerging contaminants, and strict regulations impose new constraints on facilities. In addition to staple UPM focus areas such as wastewater treatment and water management, this track will bring together key solutions to unlock progress related to chemical reuse, greenhouse gas emission reduction, and energy usage. 

Facilities’ Growth & Efficiency

Industry growth and efficiency is key to unlocking progress in all focus areas. UPM 2023 will deliver solutions to procurement and supply chain challenges; proven ways of accelerating commissioning and construction; executing expansion projects; operations amidst expertise shortages; and digitization strategies.  

The abstracts presented at Ultrapure Micro are selected by virtue of their practical application to facility operations. Get hands-on advice from facility owner representatives, engineers, and experts in the supply chain that you can take back and implement to your job role. 

Meet The Co-Moderators
The Ultrapure Micro conference is developed alongside a co-moderating team of industry experts committed to the distribution of the highest quality research. Each year they work hard to help deliver an Ultrapure Micro agenda that is practical, data-driven, and focused on critical end-user needs.

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