Chuck Dale

Global Domain Leader - Microelectronics, SUEZ


Mr. Dale has been assisting global Semiconductor and Microelectronics customers to deliver increased quality, reliability and cost performance in their Ultrapure Water (UPW) and WW Reclaim and Treatment Systems since 1982. 

Mr. Dale has participated in design, construction and operation of UPW systems at several hundred sites for customers including: Confidential Semiconductor Client #1, Samsung, Micron, GlobalFoundries, TSMC, IMFT, SunPower, Seagate, Tesla, Texas Instruments and Western Digital. 

The SUEZ-supplied UPW systems at those customer sites cumulatively produce 219 million gallons per day of UPW makeup flow.

Mr. Dale is a contributing member of the SEMI Liquid Chemicals Standards Committee and participates in IRDS/SEMI interface meetings.  He holds several water purification patents and is a published author and a presenter covering multiple water purification topics.