UPM 2021 Speakers

UPM 2021 Keynote Speakers

Dominic Greensmith

Director of Construction, Intel

Adrian Sym

Chief Executive, Alliance for Water Stewardship

UPM 2021 Speakers

Gerd Heser

Director of Product Planning and Management Water, Pall Microelectronics

Yoichi Tanaka

Chief Researcher, Kurita

Hideaki Iino

Chief Researcher, Kurita

Dan Wilcox

Principal / Advanced Manufacturing | Process Engineering Director, Page

Richard Remiarz

Consultant, TSI

Carles Crespo

Corporate Business Development Leader, Isle Group

Bob McIntosh

Consultant, Enviro-Energy Solutions

Bonnie Marion

R&D Lead, FTD Solutions

Jochen Ruth

Director, Microelectronics, Pall Corporation

Dan Sampson

Principal Technical Consultant, HDR

Steve DeVilleneuve

Front Range Regional Sales Manager, Swan Analytical USA

Tom Bzik

Statistical Consultant, EMD Electronics

Florian Adler

Lead Scientist & Technical Product Manager, Tiger Optics

Jörg Winter

Director Sales - Water Treatment , DAS Environmental Expert GmbH

Pete Avila

Owner, Semiconductor Smart Solutions

Gil Maron

Engineering Lead, FTD Solutions

Ian Rousseau

Founder, Hexisense

Ali Ozhan Altun


Deena Starkel

Principal Water Engineer, Micron Technology

Pierce Maguire

Technology Specialist, Saltworks

Kyle Uhlmeyer

RadianVPD Applications Manager, Elemental Scientific

Joonas Vanhanen

CTO and Co-founder, Airmodus Ltd

Pia Herrling

Head of Nanoparticle Group and Project Manager Innovation, Ovivo Switzerland AG

Jens Herbig

CTO of IONICON Analytik

Mattias Espanet

Facilities Process Program Manager, STMicroelectronics

Nick Kidwell

Facilities Engineer, onsemi

Hanspeter Muller

Senior Engineering Manager Services,  Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd.

Dave Buesser

COO, FTD Solutions

Derek Oberreit

Senior Vice President, Kanomax FMT

Ha Nguyen

Senior Research Scientist, ChemTrace/UCT

Jinjin Wang

Technical Community Leader, Scientist III, Air Liquide Electronics US – Balazs Nanoanalysis

Jill Wallin

Ultrapure Water Engineer, Evoqua Water Technologies