Jinjin Wang

Technical Community Leader, Scientist III, Air Liquide Electronics US – Balazs Nanoanalysis


Jinjin Wang is a technical community leader, scientist III at Air Liquide Electronics US – Balazs Nanoanalysis.  Ever Since he joined Air Liquide Electronics – Balazs in 2011, Jinjin has been working on the analysis of different chemical materials used in the semiconductor manufacturing.  With his expertise in ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma – mass spectrometry), he has focused on the analysis of new advanced materials, including different ALD precursors (metal-based compounds or silicon-based compounds), for trace amount elemental impurities.  With the increasing demand of nanoparticle analysis from semiconductor industry, he also uses ICP-MS to characterize nanoparticles in liquid samples (UPW, different chemicals) to provide information like particle size, size distribution, concentration and particle composition.

Jinjin’s other technical qualifications include his Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry for reactive scattering studies in molecular beams from University of Manchester, England in 1996.  He has worked in universities and industry ever since, and conducted his own research in atmospheric chemistry in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at California Institute of Technology.  Not only that, Jinjin also researched chemical kinetics & molecular spectroscopy at Rice University & University of Utah, and nanoparticle sampling and chemical characterization by laser ablation at University of Delaware.  Jinjin has authored and co-authored many journal articles, and had given conference presentations to academic and industrial audiences.  With these numerous achievements, Jinjin demonstrates that he is an expert in his career field.