Author Presentation Deadlines and Guidelines for Ultrapure Micro 2023

Due to the demand for increasingly complex semiconductor technology, the microelectronics industry is busier than ever. Supply chain bottlenecks, new ESG targets, device complexity and expertise shortages present a new scale of challenges to the industry as it struggles to achieve Facility 2.0. These challenges make conferences like Ultrapure Micro (UPM) more important than ever, as the industry comes together to collaborate on innovative solutions for yield management, facility management and operational excellence. Click here to view the full list of topics that we are soliciting papers for.   

Submissions Timeline:We are opening our abstract submissions early to ensure the UPM community has time to gather research, data, and permissions for their presentations. When filling in the abstract submission form, please include as much information as possible so that the co-moderating team can make the best judgement as to where your presentation would best fit the agenda. You may also want to keep in mind that the presentation will need to be approximately 15-20 minutes long to allow for audience Q+A. 

As always, we will enforce a strict timeline. For your abstract to be considered for the agenda, please make sure you adhere to the deadlines below. The integrity and quality of the agenda is our priority, and so we will only be able to include presentations which adhere to our schedule and guidelines. Please note that this schedule is subject to change. 

  • April 20th: Deadline for abstract submission. 
  • May 26th: We will aim to inform you about the decision of the review process by this date. Please note GWI still reserves the right to remove your presentation from the final agenda if it fails to provide data or is purely commercial. 
  • July 14th: Preliminary presentation draft must be submitted by this date. The UPM team will aim to review your presentation by August 18th and will then provide feedback on how it may be improved. 
  • September 22nd: Final presentation must be submitted by this date. The co-moderating team will review your final presentation and provide feedback on how it may be improved. We will send you a reminder on your speaking engagement along with logistical information for the day of your session once the final presentation is received. 
  • 10-12 October: The 2023 Ultrapure Micro Conference takes place in Austin, Texas 


What Should You Aim For? 
We have invited you to give a technical presentation. It should provide educational/informative content and not contain commercial material. Your presentation should: 

  • State a problem and a unique or novel solution. 
  • Have a presentation outline, noting the relevance and criticality of your work to the industry. 
  • Address the topic with sufficient data. 
  • Offer practical conclusions or takeaways, particularly for semiconductor manufacturers and users of semiconductor technology, where applicable. 
  • Be easily understood by the audience. 

UPM is attended by many facility owners and end-users, so please include a slide that summarizes key takeaways for fab engineers towards the end of your presentation. 

Data needs to be the foundation for your presentation. This can be through graphs, tables, figures, etc. Please ensure that your data: 

  • Has short and relevant titles and headings, 
  • Includes all citations where necessary, 
  • Is clear – i.e., easy font, sufficient size. You may include harder to-read tables in “addendum” slides, which will be released in full after the event. 


Photographs and drawings are welcome additions to presentations to illustrate your point, but we discourage the use of stock photography. Please include labels for any images. 

Videos are also welcome additions, but please make sure these are embedded in presentations and alert us of your videos so we can check that they will work on the day. 

When thinking about the  slide formatting please note that we will provide a PowerPoint template for your presentation. Your company logo or company name will be allowed on the first and last slides. 

Fonts must be clear and of sufficient size. We suggest: 

  • Titles: 30 points or larger 
  • Body text: 20 to 24 points 
  • Citations: 14 to 16 points 

Other Matters 

Proceedings: As a part of the conference, presentations slides will be shared with conference attendees and Ultrapure Micro Members in PDF format. Any recordings of presentations and discussion sessions will also be shared where applicable. Please notify us 2 weeks prior to the conference should you wish to share an alternate version of your presentation slides or would like to have the presentation excluded from the proceedings. Should we not hear from you, we must assume we have permission to share your presentation as outlined above. 

Addendum section: Some authors may have additional slides they would like included with their presentation to be released to the audience after the event. The “addendum slides” are not part of the formal presentation and may show additional data or full versions of complicated tables that have been simplified for the presentation. 

Alternate speaker/company permission: In the event that you are unable to attend the conference in person, please arrange for another speaker to represent you and your research. You must notify us as soon as possible in the event you will not be available.  

The UPM Platform: We encourage you to develop further materials based around your presentation topic, which can be shared via the UPM Online Platform. This community-based platform provides space for opinion pieces, company news, technical papers and more, all year round. Please message for more information or visit the Ultrapure Micro Online Platform. 

We appreciate your hard work in preparing your abstract and presentation. Please send any queries to