Author Theme and Topic Guidelines for Ultrapure Micro 2022

Facilities’ Growth: Construction, New Operations and Talent Shortage

  • Time-to-market – speed of construction (this can include Pre-construction and Modularization of facilities)
  • Time-to-market – compressed time for commissioning
  • Lack of capacity/availability of qualified suppliers
  • Staffing for operations and the training of new engineers
  • Supply chain issues
  • Information management to support fast decisions – IP protection, ability to accurately project needs
  • Existing system support
  • Construction of EUV capable facilities

Facilities’ Environmental Sustainability and the Footprint of Electrical and Water Infrastructure:

  • Increase water usage
  • Limited or strained water availability
  • Impact of new chemistries on POTW
  • Relationship between water and energy
  • Infrastructure availability
  • Growing complexity of wastewater compliance management, driven by both manufacturing technology changes and regulatory pressure
  • CO2 reduction and use of renewable energy
  • PFAS reduction in wastewater streams
  • Brine management
  • Reclaiming chemicals
  • UPW reduction and reclaim
  • Energy conservation reduction
  • VOC exhaust reduction
  • Compliance management driven by both manufacturing technology changes and regulatory pressure
  • CO2 reduction and use of renewable energy
  • Developing tools to understand basic relationships, e.g. between recycling and carbon footprint
  • Gases Abatement

Ensuring Yield and Reliability

  • UPW system matching, creating similar quality from different systems
  • Dissolved nitrogen and dissolved oxygen and its impact on product yield and reliability
  • Particles and particle precursors in UPW and liquid chemicals – proactive control via improved materials and system performance
  • UPW recycling vs. growing UPW quality requirements
  • Next generation UPW and liquid chemical systems to support future technology needs
  • Use of big data and machine learning to correlate yield and facility system performance, potentially addressing issue of lacking inline metrology
  • Next generation of high purity materials for delivery systems (driven by higher purity requirements, PFAS, etc.)
  • Chemical purification onsite vs at the devoted chemical facilities

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