Abstract Themes and Topics for UPM 2023

Below is a non-exhaustive list of topics that we are prioritizing for UPM 2023. Each topic fits under one of the three conference strands: Facilities' Growth & Efficiency, Environmental Sustainability, and High Purity Environments. We encourage abstract submissions that focus on the solutions needed to Unlock Facility 2.0 and advance the semiconductor industry.

Facilities’ Growth & Efficiency: 

  • Time-to-market & commissioning
  • Supply chain issues & material shortages
  • Facility expertise shortage, including lack of qualified vendors
  • Digitization to support industry growth
  • Offsite Manufacturing and procurement strategies
  • Constructing high-quality systems
  • Materials of construction 

Environmental Sustainability:

  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction and renewable energy
  • PFAS Destruction
  • Advanced gas abatement technology
  • Brine management
  • Chemical reduction and reclaim
  • Water reclamation into UPW systems
  • Wastewater complexity & regulatory changes
  • HVAC and mechanical strategies 
  • Infrastructure Availability 
  • Digital transformation for strategic planning

High Purity Environments: 

  • Next-generation ultrapure water and liquid chemical systems
  • Correlating yield with facility performance
  • Inline automation and artificial intelligence for yield enhancement
  • Advanced management of airborne molecular contamination and high purity gases
  • Particles and particle precursors in UPW + chemicals
  • Proactive yield enhancement and high purity of critical systems
  • Next generation of high purity materials


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Present your solutions to the microelectronics industry at this year’s Ultrapure Micro 2023 conference, taking place October 10-12 in Austin, Texas.
The deadline for abstract submissions is April 20th. To get more information about important deadlines and submissions criteria click here.