UPMicro 2019 Learning Series

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The UPM 2019 Learning Series training workshop builds on a successful program in both 2017 and 2018 and will introduce a Chemicals strand for the first time.

The Learning Series is designed for engineers with end-users’ needs in mind. Created in close collaboration with the Ultrapure Micro co-moderating team, the Learning Series offers training for both new and experienced engineers. It provides a foundation in water and chemicals management for semiconductor manufacturing, with a specific focus on microcontaminant removal, from sourcing through disposal.

Whether you are new to the industry and require an introduction to improved practices or an experienced engineer in need of an update on the latest technologies, the Learning Series is an interactive training workshop that will expand on operational efficiency and leave delegates better informed on best-known methods.

Ultrapure Water

Water Management

Ultra High Performance Chemicals


60 Minutes

Workshop UPW: Best Known Practices
– Rushi Matkar, Intel Corporation
-Slava Libman, FTD Solutions

Energy Conservation
– Andreas Neuber, Applied Materials

Chemicals Management




60 Minutes

UPW Capacity Management – What it Means to Have Enough Capacity

-Alex Evashenk, FTD Solutions

End of Pipe Wastewater Treatment

– Philippe Rychen, Ovivo Switzerland
– Ignacy Kieler, Ovivo Switzerland

Particle Control
– Daniel Stucky, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
– Joe Chen, MGN International

10:00 – 10:15


10:15 – 11:30

75 Minutes

Particle Control
-Gary Van Schooneveld, CT Associates
Jochen Ruth, Pall Corporation
– Theodore Caramberis, Pall Corporation


Part 1: Best Practices of Site Water Management – Drivers, Strategy, Method
– Alex Evashenk, FTD Solutions
– Boris Eliosov, FTD Solutions
– Slava Libman, FTD Solutions

How to Audit and be Audited

– Daniel Stucky, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
– Laura Ledenbach, PeroxyChem


60 Minutes

Unit Operations

-Glen Sundstrom, Evoqua Water Technologies
-Jill Wallin, Evoqua Water Technologies

Part 2: Best Practices of Site Water Management – Practical Application of Water Management Projections Using the Water Model
– Alex Evashenk, FTD Solutions
– Boris Eliosov, FTD Solutions
– Slava Libman, FTD Solutions
– Brandon Ekberg, Farnsworth Group
– Darin Amsberry, Farnsworth Group

Asymptotically Approaching Zero Defects: the Future of Post-CMP Cleaning
-Fadi Coder, Entegris



60 Minutes

A Walk Through a UPW Treatment Plant with Focus on Behavior of Natural Organic Matter (NOM, e.g. humics, bipolymers) and Specific Organic Matter (SOM, E.g. urea)
– Stefan Huber, DOC-Labor

Open Loops

– James Green, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

Chem Delivery/Distribution
– Kristin Cavicchi, Air Liquide – Balazs NanoAnalysis



3:00 – 4:30

90 minutes

UPW Distribution Piping Design Considerations
– Hanspeter Mueller, GF Piping Systems
– Dave Buesser, FTD Solutions

Brine Management
– Tom Pankratz, Water Desalination Report

End of Ultra High Performance Chemicals strand

5:00 – 6:00


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