Ultrapure Micro 2019 Agenda

The Ultrapure Micro 2019 agenda is divided over 3 days, with the Learning Series taking place on Wednesday June 5th.

Ultrapure Micro 2019 - Day 1

Thursday, June 6, 2019




Welcome Remarks and UPM 2018 best Presentation Awards

Haley Green, GWI


Keynote Presentation

Andreas Neuber, Applied Materials

Andreas Neuber is Senior Director and Global Product Manager for the Fab Environmental Solutions (FES), Equipment Product Group (EPG) within the Applied Global Services division at Applied Materials. His team is responsible for reducing the environmental impact of semiconductor manufacturing, helping lower costs and meeting the EPA reporting regulations for greenhouse gas emissions. Andreas brings 25 years of technology-focused product experience in environmental engineering and contamination control. Prior to joining Applied Materials, Andreas was Vice President of Manufacturing Technology at M+W Zander FE. His technical qualifications include MS and Ph.D. degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Technology, Dresden. He has authored ~100 journal and conference publications and holds two U.S. patents.



Reinforced Process of Enabling Advanced Existing and Future Semiconductor Technologies
Slava Libman, FTD Solutions



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Roundtables Session

The UPM 2019 Roundtables Session is a platform to exchange ideas and insights and to engage with one another in a more conversational setting. No microphones, no slideshows. Each Roundtable Speaker will lead two 30-minute discussion groups.

1. Ultrapure Water Filtration for the Future – What is needed? – Jochen Ruth & Gerd Heser, Pall Corporation

2. Choice of Materials of Construction for Ultrapure Water: Pumps, HEX, elastomes, piping, liners – William Locke, Ovivo

3. What Can be Done for my UPW System to Meet the Future Needs: Capabilities + How to Optimize your UPW System Capacity Charlotte Parks, Samsung Austin Seminconductor

4. Next Generation Particle Metrology for UPW – David Blackford, Kanomax FMT

5. Hydrogen Peroxide in Ultrapure Water – Controversy: Is it there, do you treat to remove it, is it worth the cost, is it worth the possible side effects – Slava Libman, FTD Solutions

6. UPW Sampling and Lab Testing: How Often, Which Samples, What Parameters, Methods? – Quynh Le, Air Liquide – Balazs NanoAnalysis

7. Ion Exchange Resin Management: Lifetime, Triggers, Operations Strategy, etc. – Varinder Malik, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

8. Ultrapure Water Sequences – Bernie Zerfas, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

9. High Purity Chemicals for Advanced Technology – Kevin Prettyman, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

10. Ultra High Performance Chemical Distribution and Blending David Kandiyeli, Mega Fluid Systems

11. Chemicals – Supply Chain Challenges and the Cost of Quality – Daniel Stucky, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

12. Chemical Particles < 20 nm: How to Pick the Right Filter and Detection Challenges – Ashutosh Bhabhe, Entegris

13. End User Onsite Chemical Purification – Benoit Maag, Tosoh

14. Chemicals – Sampling and Analysis of in-line and end-of-line Ultra High Performance ChemicalsAnthony Schleisman, SACHEM Inc.

15. Air Separation Bobby Chan, Air Liquide

16. Hitting the Right Bullseye: A Discussion of Relevant Impurity Targets in Specialty Gases Rocky Gipson, Entegris

17. Specialty Gas Delivery Topics Dr. Dan Cowles, Air Liquide – Balazs NanoAnalysis

18. Low Level Oxygen Detection With Integrated Data Validation in Semiconductor Manufacturing Shaun Sharrett and Steve DeVilleneuve, SWAN Analytical

19. Key Lessons and Considerations in UPW and HUPW Distribution Shutdown and RestartGary Shrestha, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

20. Brine Management Technologies – Tom Pankratz, Water Desalination Report

21. Selection of Piping Materials for Wastewater Collection Systems and Hydrogen Peroxide in Wastewater Casey Williamson, Semtec

22. New Challenges of Speciality Waste Treatment Systems – Alan Knapp, Evoqua Water Technologies

23. Backgrinding and Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurry Wastewater Streams Challenges and Opportunities: Should it be treated and how? – Philippe Rychen, Ovivo

24. Water Reclamations: End-of-pipe Wastewater Treatment Concept and ApplicationsChuck Dale, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

25. Prefabrication Preassembly Modularization and Offsite Fabrication: The IKEA concept – John Painter, Pure Facilities Solutions

26. Recent Revision to the SEMI C79 Filter Test Guidelines – Gary Van Schooneveld, CT Associates

27. Design for Maintenance Principles in UPW Systems – End User Perspective Alana Denning, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

28. Sump Management and Impact to Overall Site Water Management Joseph Kasl, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

29. Best Practices for POU Scrubber Wastewater ManagementZachary Boswell, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

30. Evaluating UPW System Capacity and Minimizing Upgrade Scope – a Designer’s PerspectiveDave Buesser, FTD Solutions

Ultrapure Water Production

UPW Session 1
Enabling Technology

Size Effects in Semiconductor Particle Defectivity
Abbas Rastegar, Applied Materials

UPW Final Filters: Case Study – Replacing UF’s with Cartridge Filters
Dave Buesser, FTD Solutions
Texas Instruments

Ion Exchange Resins for Advanced Removal of Nanoparticles from UPW? – a Novel Imaging Approach
Maria Pia Herrling, Ovivo Switzerland
– Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Synthesis and Application of a New Ion Exchanger for Ultrapure Water Treatment
Kyohei Tsutano, Organo Corporation

Water Management and Wastewater Treatment

WM Session 1
New Approaches in Water Management

Intel Arizona Site Water Management Concept
Dave Montero, Intel Corporation
Jake Davis, Intel Corporation

The Pretreatment Method for High Water Recovery RO System
Toru Nakano, Organo Corporation

New Nano and Microparticle Detection Identification and Monitoring of Fluids Using Nano-Flow Imaging Microscopy
Kent Peterson, Fluid Imaging Technologies

Semiconductor Wastewater Treatment by MEC for the Effective Removal of Fluorides and Phosphates
Deena Starkel, Micron Technology Inc.
– Ovivo Switzerland

Ultra High Performance Chemicals and High Purity Gases

UHPC & HPG Session 1
High Performance Chemicals in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Understanding Particle Contribution From Components Used in Ultrapure Water and High Purity Chemical Systems and their Impact on Industry-Driven Particle Requirements
Gary Van Schooneveld, CT Associates
– Enviro-Energy Solutions

Supplier Differentiation: A High Purity H2O2 Supplier’s Approach to Building a ‘Best in Class’ Customer-Supplier Relationship in the Semiconductor Industry
Laura Ledenbach, PeroxyChem

Important Process Considerations in SC1 Cleaning of Silicon Wafers by RCA-based Cleaning Process
Drew Sinha, SUMCO USA, Sinha Solutions

Contamination and Additives in Formulated Chemistries – How Can Filtration Enable Next-Generation Semiconductor Processes?
Ashutosh Bhabhe, Entegris



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Ultrapure Water Production

UPW Session 2
UPW Analytical Methods and Techniques

A Novel ICP-MS Metrology for Analysis of Nanoparticles in UPW
Jinjin Wang, Air Liquide Electronics – Balazs NanoAnalysis

Organics in UPW: What Information Do We Get from LC-OCD-OND (Liquid Chromatography – Organic Carbon Detection – Organic Nitrogen Detection)?
Stefan Huber, DOC-Labor

Advancements in the Measurement of Resistivity in UPW Systems
Joel Kenyon, Mettler Toledo

WATER MANAGEMENT and wastewater treatment

WM Session 2
Facilitating Water Management

Change Control – For Better Water Management
Yotvat Bar-El, Intel Corporation
Gil Maron, FTD Solutions

Optimizing Ion Exchange System with Reliable and Continuous Data from Novel Real-Time Arsenic Analyzer
David Troy, TRUMPF Photonics
– Aqua Metrology Systems

Process LC-OND Analyzer for Urea Monitoring
Ignacy Kieler, Ovivo Switzerland
– Ovivo China
– DOC-Labor

Ultra High Performance Chemicals and High Purity Gases

UHPC & HPG Session 2
Contamination Measurement

Silica Detection in H2SO4 and HCI with Universal Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (UNISERS)
Ali Ozhan Altun, UNISERS

Impact of Right Skew on Upper Control Limit Estimation for Trace Impurities in Semiconductor Chemicals
Thomas Bzik, Versum Materials

Breaking Barriers in Traditional Light Scattering Particle Detection Technology
Joe Chen, MGN International



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Ultrapure Water Production

UPW Session 3
Innovative Design

A Study on Prediction of Water Quality of Produced Water Considering the Characteristics of Individual Process Design Factors for Ultrapure Water Production
Boungsu Kwon, K-Water

Silica and Boron Removal Technology Using EDI and Analysis Technology
Teruhisa Kato, Kurita 

Water Management and Wastewater Treatment

WM Session 3
New Environmental Compliance Challenges

pH Based Drainage for Semiconductor Abatement Equipment
Cole Mann, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Cost Cutting by Wastewater Treatment and Water Reuse – Case Studies
Gerd Heser, Pall Corporation
– RBFM Consulting

Ultra High Performance Chemicals and High Purity Gases

UHPC & HPG Session 3
Onsite Purification

Optimized Combination of Cationic and Anionic Ion Exchange Resin for the Removal of Trace Amounts of Metal Impurities from Isopropyl Alcohol
Noriko Hisano, Organo Corporation

Predictive Model to Understand Removal of Metals from Solvents
Siddarth Sampath, Entegris


Drink Reception

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Ultrapure Micro 2019 - Day 2

Friday, June 7, 2019




keynote presentation

Jim Evers, Intel Corporation

Jim Evers will speak on ‘Solving Water Challenges in the Desert’ touching on Intel’s water sustainability management strategy, the local historical perspective on water, and the challenges and solutions with ongoing operations.



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Ultrapure Water Production

UPW Session 4
Operational Optimization

Proactive Technology Management to Support Particle Control
Session Moderator: Rushi Matkar, Intel Corporation
Ashutosh Bhabhe, Entegris
Bob McIntosh, Enviro-Energy Solutions
Gary Van Schooneveld, CT Associates
Philippe Rychen, Ovivo Switzerland
Joe Chen, MGN International
John Painter, Pure Facilities Solutions

Why to Replace a Filter – Lifetime Limitations and Replacement Criteria
Jochen Ruth, Pall Corporation
– RBFM Consulting

The Role of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Organic Carbon Species in UV/VUV Treatment for Ultrapure Water
Ferdinando Crapulli, Trojan Technologies
– Aquafine Corporation


Water Management and Wastewater Treatment

WM Session 4
Energy & Water Savings

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Wastewater Treatment Using Membrane
Imtisal-e-Noor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
– Aalto University
– imec
– Xzero AB

Efficient Operation Strategy for SWRO Desalination Plant
Kim Jihye, K-Water

Constructability Challenges in the Water Business: Innovation in Construction
John Painter, Pure Facilities Solutions

Ultra High Performance Chemicals and High Purity Gases

UHPC & HPG Session 4
Nanoscale Analytical: PPW?

Accurate and Reproducible Analysis of Metals in TMAH and UPW with Quantitation in Low ppq Level
Anthony Schleisman, SACHEM Inc.

Advanced Microscopy for Quantification and Identification in UPW, Process Chemicals, and Industrial Gases
Fang Li, Air Liquide Electronics – Balazs NanoAnalysis

Retention Efficiency for Sub-30 nm Particles Quantitatively Measured by Single Particle Detection
Charlie Chan, 3M



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Georg Fischer

Ultrapure Water Production

UPW Session 5

Multiple High Purity Resin (HPIX) Qualification for UPW System – Reducing Supply Risk
Varinder Malik, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
Gary Shrestha, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Multi-Element Nanoparticle Screening in UPW and High Purity Chemicals
Mark Kelinske, Agilent Technologies

Manufacture and Analytical Technologies of pg/L Grade Metals in UPW
Yasuharu Minato, Kurita

Water Management and Wastewater Treatment

WM Session 5
Open Loops

Phosphorus and Metals Eliminated from Cooling Water through New Surface Film Engineering and New CHO Polymer Technology
James Green, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

Water Management for Cooling Towers: Makeup and Blowdown Treatment Optimization
Charlie He, Carollo Engineers

Back to the Future in Water Management
Session Moderator: Alex Milshteen, Intel Corporation
John Painter, Pure Facilities Solutions
Varinder Malik, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
Charlie He , Carollo Engineers
Deena Starkel, Micron Technology Inc.

Ultra High Performance Chemicals and High Purity Gases

HPC Session 5
High Purity Gases & Precursors

Ultrapure CO2 Supply and Recycle System for the Supercritical CO2 Drying Process in Nanoscale Semiconductor Manufacturing
Takashi Futatsuki, Organo Corporation

Quantitative ICP-MS Analysis of High-k ALD Precursors for Trace Elemental Impurities
Jinjin Wang, Air Liquide Electronics – Balazs NanoAnalysis

XE recovery and Reuse System From Etching Process Exhaust Gas
Yoshinori Ono, Organo Corporation




Closing Keynote

Vani Thirumala, Intel Corporation

With the progression of newer manufacturing nodes in the semiconductor industry, the need to manage and control the variability and quality of the supply chain has become enormously more critical to the success of those processes. This keynote will discuss the requirements for state-of-the-art metrology for control and characterization and very effective and stringent process control measures to maintain quality and to control the cost point to enable supply chain materials and equipment.


Closing Remarks

Jablanka Uzelac, GWI
Bob McIntosh, Enviro-Energy Solutions