UPMicro 2019 Learning Series

June 5th, 2019

The Learning Series offers training for new and experienced engineers, aiming to give a solid foundation in a variety of UPW industry topics.

The UPM 2019 Learning Series training workshop builds on a successful program in both 2017 and 2018. Running from 9 am to 6 pm on June 5th, the Learning Series is designed for engineers with end-users’ needs in mind.

Whether you are new to the industry and need a well rounded introduction to all areas of the process, or an experienced engineer who wants a refresher, the Learning Series is an interactive training workshop that will expand on ensuring best practices and improvement in operational efficiency, created in close collaboration with the co-moderating team.

Ultrapure Water Production

Water Management and Wastewater Treatment

Ultra High Performance Chemicals


60 Minutes

Workshop UPW: Best Known Practices
– Rushi Matkar, Intel
Slava Libman, FTD Solutions

Energy Conservation
– Andreas Neuber, Applied Materials

Chemicals Management




60 Minutes

UPW Capacity Management – What it Means to Have Enough Capacity

-Alex Evashenk, FTD Solutions

End of Pipe Waste Water Treatment


Particle Control
– Daniel Stucky, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
– Joe Chen, MGN International

10:00 – 10:15


10:15 – 11:30

60 Minutes

Particle Control
-Gary Van Schooneveld, CT Associates
Jochen Ruth, Pall Corporation
– Theodore Caramberis, Pall Corporation


Part 1: Best Practices of the Site Water Management – Dirvers, Strategy, Method
– Alex Evashenk, FTD Solutions
– Borris Eliosov, FTD Solutions
– Slava Libman, FTD Solutions

How to Audit and be Audited

– Daniel Stucky, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
– Laura Ledenbach, PeroxyChem


60 Minutes

Unit Operations

-Glen Sundstrom, Evoqua Water Technologies

Part 2: Best Practices of Site Water Management – Practical Application of the Water Management Projections Using the Water Model
– Alex Evashenk, FTD Solutions
– Borris Eliosov, FTD Solutions
– Slava Libman, FTD Solutions
– Brandon Eckberg, Farnsworth Group
– Darin Amsberry, Farnsworth Group

Site Blending
-Fadi Coder, Entegris



60 Minutes

A Walk Through a UPW treatment Plant with Focus to Behavior of Natural Organic Matter (NOM, e.g. humics, bipolymers) and Specific Organic Matter (SOM, E.g. urea)
– Stefan Huber, DOC-Labor

Open Loops

– James Green, Suez

Chem Delivery/Distribution
– Kristin Cavicchi, Air Liquide – Balazs NanoAnalysis



3:00 – 4:30

90 minutes

UPW Distribution Piping Design Considerations
– Hanspeter Mueller, GF Piping Systems
– Dave Buesser, FTD Solutions

Brine Management
– Tom Pankratz, Water Desalination Report

5:00 – 6:00


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