What is upm

Ultrapure Micro is the premier annual conference that focuses on high purity environments and micro contamination around critical substrates in manufacturing and water management in fabrication plants. It serves as a platform for industry collaboration, research, knowledge exchange and networking. UPM is driven by end-user needs and strives to facilitate productive cooperation between semiconductor manufacturers, vendors and suppliers to increase yields, decrease costs and improve efficiency. The goal of UPM is to drive the semiconductor manufacturing industry forward.

The technical agenda is steered by top industry experts, who also serve as conference co-moderators, keeping delegates updated by addressing cutting-edge approaches to control quality of ultrapure water (UPW), chemicals, critical components, gasses and airborne molecular contamination (AMC) at increasingly complex facilities. The UPM agenda also includes site water management due to the tight connection between water reuse and UPW, and critically to the manufacturing sustainability. The UPM agenda features focused and technical presentations, panels and roundtable sessions.

2020 Agenda

In 2020 Ultrapure Micro will be held in Austin, Texas. This year UPM will bring the discussion closer to the wafer and will encourage the industry wide efforts to enable yield and to embrace proactive technology management.

UPM will not only enhance its focus on high purity environments but will broaden its scope by adding the Tools Environment as an additional focus. The conference will open with a spotlight session on Contamination Control Needs of the Process Tools, where tool OEM companies and process experts will provide insight into their needs and the challenges they are facing, opening the conversation between tool experts and the wider microelectronics industry.

The main conference agenda will once again run over two days in three parallel tracks and will feature sessions on Tools Environment, AMC, UPW, Water Management, and High Purity Chemicals & Gases.


The Learning Series offers training for both new and experienced engineers, aiming to enrich your knowledge in the space of the technologies as they apply to the conference program, ahead of the main event. Last year’s audience felt they had “obtained good advice from engineers who had dealt with similar equipment failure,” as the workshop is designed with end-user needs in mind, offering direct application to your work. (Representative, Samsung Austin Semiconductor)

Whether you are new to the industry and need a well-rounded introduction to all areas of the process, or an experienced engineer who wants to learned about recent developments, the Learning Series is an interactive training workshop that delves into ensuring best practices and improvement in operational efficiency, created in close collaboration with the co-moderating team.

who should attend

Take part in the dialogue between all parts of the water for microelectronics industry, meet old friends, make new connections, discover solutions, and hear about cutting edge research helping to shape the future of the industry.

The event is designed for all stakeholders involved in facility construction/operation and contamination control in semiconductor manufacturing. It is directed towards end-users, technology and R&D leaders, solution providers, engineers, facility and business development managers, with a focus on:

  • Delivery and Distribution
  • Vendor Companies
  • Assembly
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Scientists
  • Managers
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Business Managers
  • Field Services
  • EH&S
  • QA/QC
  • Executives