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hours of networking

[E]veryone came together to provide a positive experience. Worked through the challenges of a virtual conference across a global audience to deliver high quality content.

Samsung Austin Semiconductor

[A] valuable conference in a virtual environment. And thank you for the privilege of speaking.


The interactivity and variety of platforms was great. I think everyone got what they were looking for out the conference, despite not being able to meet in person.

Asahi/America, Inc

The conference was very productive for me personally and very helpful. Especially when compared to some of the other online conferences I attended recently, this was a significantly better experience. The presentations and Q&A were very well done, while the networking sessions were great!


I really enjoyed the online conference.  I have attended in the past in person and I thought this was a great alternative…  Overall, I really enjoyed having the conference online and the ability to view the directory to reach out to colleagues and new network opportunities.



The Agenda

Developed with the help of our expert co-moderators, the UPM agenda focused on industry challenges concerning high purity environments, micro contamination, critical components and water & facility management. The agenda included 36 technical presentations, 34 roundtable discussions, as well as interactive Q&A panels with each speaker, providing ample opportunity for the audience to connect with industry experts.

All recordings and slides from the conference are available to UPM members on the Ultrapure Micro Online Platform within the Resources tab. If you do not currently have access, but are interested joining the UPM community and accessing the numerous resources on offer, check out our membership options here.

Ultrapure Water

Innovation in Ultrapure Water production is driven by the need for improved particle detection and removal, innovative system design, and optimized operations. Sessions explored these issues through the discussion of novel analytical technologies, options for system configuration and design, and best-known methods and techniques.

Water Management

Water Management practices face an ever-changing landscape with continuous developments in environmental compliance, a growing need to cut costs in water consumption and energy demand, while addressing non-traditional water management challenges. These sessions broke down the challenges and solutions around reuse, drainage, energy savings, and open loops.

High Purity Chemicals & Gases

High-purity chemicals and gases are critical to the semiconductor manufacturing process and so need to meet stringent standards. These sessions explored innovative approaches to impurity detection and purification, filtration methods, optimized system design, as well as purification and delivery systems.

Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC)

As critical dimensions shrink, the awareness of airborne molecular contamination grows. In this brand new session on AMC, speakers provided a retrospective review of AMC issues, and explored the clean-room environment, analytical instrumentation and filtration performance.

Keynote Presentations

Day One Keynote
IRDS: Devices and Systems Innovation in the Next 15 Years – Paolo Gargini, Chairman, IRDS

Paolo Gargini provided a visionary keynote presentation on devices and systems at UPM 2020; starting with a historical overview of the semiconductor industry, Paolo then described the impact of cutting-edge and future technologies on the IRDS technology roadmap.

Day Two Keynote
Semiconductor Market Trends – Optimistic Uncertainty of 2020 and Beyond – Dave Anderson, President, SEMI Americas

2020 has been a challenging year and the consequences of the pandemic have been disruptive, complex and far reaching. Although optimistic as to where we will go from here, the path forward will not be without uncertainties. As the microelectronics ecosystem recovers from the impact of COVID-19, the tech sector overall is poised for growth. However, the potential impact of geopolitical and trade related issues, export controls and other global headwinds may impact the market. This talk will present an overview of 2020 market statistics for the semiconductor, equipment, and materials industries and expectations for 2021.

Day Three Plenary Panel
IRDS Yield Enhancement: discussing the importance and the process of the contamination control roadmap development


  • Slava Libman, CEO, FTD Solutions


  • Bob McIntosh, Enviro Energy Solutions
  • Christoph Hocke, Infineon
  • Andreas Neuber, Applied Materials
  • Dan Wilcox, Page/imes
  • Nabil Mistkawi, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
  • Don Hadder, Intel Corporation

Virtual Networking

The UPM conference always strives to facilitate productive cooperation between semiconductor manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers. Alongside the technical agenda, the virtual event also provided over 9 hours of networking opportunities for audience members to partake in discussions around increasing yield, decreasing costs, and improving efficiency. Run through a software called Remo, the roundtables and networking sessions allowed for face-to-face interaction, something missing from many online experiences. Our unique 2D floorplan provided an easy to use and familiar visual experience, mimicking a physical conference space with multiple group discussions taking place simultaneously. With the ability to move between “tables” in just one click, these sessions replicated the lively atmosphere of a physical conference space; 50% of our delegates reported making an important connection at the event!

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