UPMicro 2018 Received Abstracts

3M: Method for preparing ultra-low PPT level DO in UPW using membrane degassifiers to enable superior wafer surface preparation

3M: A New Approach for Metal Ion Purification to Meet the Needs of Trace Metal Reduction for 10nm Node and Beyond

3M: A Novel Method for Assessing Membrane Removal Efficiency Using Single Particle Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy

Agilent Technologies: The Analysis and Stability of High Purity TetraMethylAmmonium Hyrdoxide (TMAH) with the Agilent 8900 QQQ-ICPMS

Air Liquide – Balzas NanoAnalysis: A Non-traditional ICP-MS Analysis for Nanoparticles Characterization of Ultra-Pure Water (UPW)

CT Associates, Enviro Energy Solutions, Air Liquide – Balazs NonoAnalysis, and FTD Solutions: Use of Extraction Modeling to Predict Contamination Levels in Ultrapure Water Systems

CT Associates, Aerosol Devices, and Kanomax: The use of Focused Aerosol Deposition (FAD) to capture, identify and quantify killer defect particles in UPW.

Desalitech: Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis, the New Standard for Industrial Desalination

Elemental Scientific: on-line 24/7 single-ppt metals monitoring for semiconductor process chemicals using a central ICPMS detector connected to 20 remote automated samplers.

Entegris: Empirical model to understand the flush up behavior of particles during bulk chemical filtration


FTD Solutions: Case Study: Leveraging Value Engineering to Achieve Major Cost Savings in UPW System Capacity Upgrade

FTD Solutions: Keeping Increasingly complex Water Management Simple

FTD Solutions: Simple idea – Big Value Cooling Towers

Georg Fischer & CT Associates: Online Measurement of Total Active Ions Activity of Chemicals at Sub-ppb Levels Using Advanced Resistivity Algorithms

Georg Fischer: Thermoplastic pipe stress modeling – Best Known Methods for a safe and reliable long-life piping system

Heraeus: Impact of sleeves quartz quality to the total costs of ownership of UP water reactor (UV@185nm)

H2Morgan & Energy 350: Strategies for electrical energy reduction required for Producing High Purity Water and then qualifying for Capital rebate programs to offset and improve ROI of energy reducing capital projects.

H2Morgan: Creating a Roadmap to Improved System Operation, Capital equipment utilization, and Increased Resource Optimization though developing a dynamic water balance model.

HORIBA and MIE University: Development of Self-Cleaning pH Electrode Coated with Titanium Oxide (TiO2) and Its Photocatalytic Activity


Intel & Design Group – Facilities Solutions: Retrofitting a traditional UPW Make Up system to Accomplish Recovery Rates of >95% utilizing HERO and the Challenges it Presents

Intel: A Day in the Life of an Analytical Engineer

Intel: Proven Success of Innovative Water Management Solutions for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing

Intel: Operational Challenges in Backend UPW Systems

Intel: Strange Case of The High Dollar RO Maintenance Bill: Unsolved Rapid Membrane Degradation And Undissolved Metal Fouling

Intel: Water conservation in semiconductor industry: UPW and beyond

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, XZero AB, imec, and Scarab Development: Performance of Membrane Distillation for TMAH Wastewater Treatment in Nano-electronics Industries – Case Study: IMEC, Belgium

Lanxess: Highly Cross Linked membranes Improve Silica, Boron, Nitrate, and urea Rejection

MGN International: Correlating Particle Counter Data between Different Instruments

Nalco Water: New application and monitoring techniques for chlorine dioxide in a microelectronics wastewater treatment facility

Nalco Water: PCW Best Practices

Nomura Micro Science: Optimization of UPW System with Improved Ion Exchange Resin

NXP Semiconductors & Nalco Water: Benefits of side-stream filtration for condenser water systems in microelectronics

ON Semiconductor & H2Morgan: Water Treatment System Hacks – Maintain, expand, and optimize your water and wastewater treatment systems without breaking the bank.

Organo: Online urea monitori for ultrapure water production in semiconductor fabrication plants

Organo: Purification method for high purity PGMEA using ion exchange resins and analysis of high sensitive trace metals by ICP-MS

Organo: Purification method for high purity PGMEA using ion exchange resins and analysis of high sensitive trace metals by ICP-MS

Organo: Purification of Chemicals for Semiconductor Use by Ultra-clean Ion Exchange Resins

Organo, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, and Enviro Energy Solutions: Evaluation of the Particle Behaviour in Ultrapure Water System Distributions Using 10 nm or Larger Particles Measuring Method

Ovivo & Applied University Furtwangen: UPUR – A Metal-free Combination of Several UPW Polishing Steps in a multifunctional reactor for the Removal of TOC and H2O2 Traces.

Ovivo & Micron Technology: Nanoparticle profiling in a UPW polishing section by different monitoring systems: advanced understanding of sources and sinks

Ovivo: MEC or Membrane Enhanced Crystallizer; a new process for semiconductor HF wastewater treatment

Pall and RBFM Consulting: Filter media removal characteristics in the low nm range

Particle Measuring Systems: Understanding Nanoparticle contamination in chemical distribution systems – data analysis strategies

PeroxyChem: Novel Approach for the Treatment of Wastewater Generated During Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication

Saltworks Technology: Brine Management Options: Technology, Innovation, & Economics for Zero Liquid Discharge

Samsung Austin Semiconductor & Evoqua Water Technologies: Copper Ion Exchange at SAS: Concept to Large-Scale Design

Samsung Austin Semiconductor: Ultra High Purity Chemical Challenges

Semiconductor Smart Solutions: Advanced Chemisorption media to remove Silica, fluoride, arsenic, copper, and other contaminants in Industrial waters and cooling towers.

Suez Water and Technology Solutions: Evaluatuon of Trace Total organic Carbon in High Purity Sulfuric acid

Sumco: Evaluating the Risk of Metal Contamination from Wet Cleaning of Silicon Wafers by HF-last Process

SWAN Analytical: Low level Oxygen Detection in Seminconductor Manufacturing – What Really Matters

Texas Instruments & Ovivo: Semiconductor End of Pipe Wastewater Reclaim System – Piloting Data.

Trojan Technologies: Performance and sizing of UV reactors for TOC destruction in ultrapure water.

Submit an Abstract to the 2018 UPMicro Conference

We’d like to thank everyone for submitting an abstract for UPMicro 2018. Submission Deadline was Friday, March 2, 2018 at 11.59 PM PST.  UPMicro 2018 focuses on microelectronics industry water and chemicals management and will have three main focus areas:

  • Ultrapure Water Production
  • Water and Wastewater Management
  • Wet Processing and High-Purity Chemicals

All accepted presentations must be prepared in accordance with the UPMicro Presentations Guidelines. Authors of the accepted presentations are highly encouraged to develop a publication in a form of a technical paper for publication on Ultrapuremicro.com.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Yana Nazarova at yana.nazarova@globalwaterintel.com or +1 (512) 879-4208.