Tony Lachawiec

Formerly - Senior Process Engineer, Gas Systems Engineering, Intel


Anthony (Tony) Lachawiec Jr. was a senior Process Engineer in Gas Systems Engineering at Intel in Hillsboro, OR. In over 10 years at Intel, Tony has been responsible for design, commissioning, and sustaining the operation of bulk and specialty gas systems that are transferred to Intel facilities worldwide. He has experience in process and safety engineering, writing numerous internal technical papers related to international code compliance that describe modeling scenarios and safety feature definitions. He developed Intel structured guidelines to document compliance with OSHA PSM and EPA RMP Regulatory Standards. He serves on the NFPA 55 Compressed Gas and Cryogenic Fluids Code technical committee and has authored several revisions related to semiconductor gas storage and delivery.


Prior to Intel, Tony was a process engineer at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. focusing on electronics gas production, purification, and delivery. He is an inventor on patents for ultrahigh purity vessel preparation and in-cylinder purification devices. Tony holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Lehigh University and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, all in Chemical Engineering. He is a Registered Professional Engineer, Certified Industrial Hygienist, and holds the AIChE Center for Chemical Process Safety Certification.