Sherry Ressler

Water Waste Water Segment Leader-U.S.A, Schneider Electric


Sherry Ressler, WWW Segment leader for United States of America, is responsible for growing the Digital Transformation from SE’s Ecostuxure water cycle advisory, sustainability and resilience in the water market. Dedicated to municipalities, water resourcing, and industrial water that are needing a frontier for lowering energy costs, an environmental impact and decarbonization. In this role, she oversees go-to-market strategies and delivering major water projects. Throughout her 16-year career at Schneider Electric she has served various roles from a Global Technical Trainer, Technical Sales Consultant Manager for SIS systems, to a Global Strategic Account Executive.  Sherry supports the whole water market within Schneider Electric for more resilient and sustainable operations. Sherry graduated from Texas State Technical College with Associates Degree in Instrumentation, Associates Degree in Robotics and Electrical Engineering. Sherry resides in a smalltown outskirts of Houston, TX with her husband, twin daughters.