Scott Corney

Engineering Technical Domain Leader, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions


Mr. Corney brings over 41 years of experience within the water industry to his current role serving as Technical Domain Lead for the Microelectronics segment of Suez Water Technologies NAM operations.

As a function of the role Scott provides technical expertise, design oversight and guidance to projects executed within the microelectronics market segment, and is also instrumental in developing new employee talent on the critical to quality elements of ultrapure water engineering. 

Scott is based in North America, but has spent several years developing technology centers in both India, and Singapore interfacing closely with the engineering and construction teams for major semiconductor manufacturers globally. 

Scott earned his Degree in Engineering Technology from Mohawk College in Ont. Canada and throughout his career held many technical and leadership roles within Glegg Water Conditioning, GE Water & Process Technologies, and now Suez.