Paul Callaghan

VP of Global Facilities Services, Wolfspeed


Paul Callaghan is the VP of Global Facilities Services at Wolfspeed, the world’s leading pure play vertically integrated silicon carbide company.  He is a seasoned veteran of the semiconductor manufacturing industry with over three decades of experience in all aspects of integrated circuit manufacturing. Having spent the majority of his career in semiconductor fab process engineering and manufacturing operations positions he took on the role as the Facilities Site Manager for Intel’s Ocotillo Campus, Chandler AZ. in 2012. It was during his tenure in this position that he became fully exposed to the infrastructural and environmental challenges of designing, building and operating large scale semiconductor facilities. In 2021 he joined Footprint, a materials science start-up company focused on eliminating single use plastic packaging as the VP of Global Facilities and Operations where he was responsible for constructing and ramping a 1 million square foot manufacturing facility in Mexico and a green field project in Poland. In May 2023 he was recruited by Wolfspeed to head up the Global Facilities Services organization to support the explosive growth in silicon carbide wafer and device manufacturing as the world converts from silicon to devices made on silicon carbide substrates. A native of Ireland Paul holds degrees in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin. He is married to Wendy and together they have three adult sons.