Don Hadder

Process Engineer, Intel


I have been employed by Intel from 23 years. I started off in the 6-inch microcontrollers Fab in Chandler AZ called Fab-6. I have been involved with every process transfer and start-up and including the most recent 14nm ramp in Fab-12/Fab-32. My experience and system ownership at Intel has been in Diffusion, Wet Etch, Planar-CMP, Ultra-Pure Water, Waste Treatment Systems, Abatement and Vacuum Systems, Bulk and Specialty Gas, Bulk Chemical Delivery and Planar Chemical Delivery. I also co-chair the SEMI North America Liquid Chemicals Technical Committee.

Before Intel I worked in Toxicology Labs, Environmental Chemistry Labs and Agricultural Labs after spending 6 years as a Nuclear Plant Chemist for the Unites States Navy on Trident Ballistic Missile Submarines.