Dipankar Bose

GSM Q&R Director, Intel


What I Do: GSM Q&R Director
Time at Intel: 35 years                 

Education: Bachelor Chemical Engineering from  IIT, Madras

MS In Chemical Engineering, M. Eng in Chemical Engineering MIT        


Intel Experience:

  • Fab Process Engineering and Development – Fab 1 and D2
  • Program Manager at Sematech, Austin
  • Engineering Manager in Flash Foundry, Japan
  • D2 Install/Qual Manager
  • Foundry and ASICs Operations Manager
  • FMO and ATGM Q&R Manager
  • Q&R Manager for ATGM and SMOM


  • Married with two children, Both working
  • Enjoy exercising (with the old guys fitness group at the local YMCA)
  • Travel – last trips were to Prague/Budapest and then Croatia/Vienna
  • Reading – leadership development, cosmology, history