the vision of upm

In 1964 the semiconductor industry surpassed its first $1 billion in sales. Since that time, consumer excitement for smaller and more powerful devices has driven the industry to new heights. Today, with the invention of autonomous vehicles, the increasing prevalence of smart phones, and the advent of artificial intelligence, the semiconductor industry is fundamentally reshaping the ways we interact with the world and each other. As semiconductor applications continue to evolve, the industry faces new challenges in energy consumption, fab development & construction costs, yield limits, quality control, and numerous additional facets of manufacturing processes.

With experts claiming that the death of Moore’s law is on the horizon, some fabs have entered the international race toward 7 nanometer chip production while others are focusing on the production of AI chips. Regardless of the avenues chip makers pursue, increasing costs at fabs are driving collaborative efforts to address technological and manufacturing obstacles. Ultrapure Micro brings experts together from across the microelectronics cycle, including end-users, suppliers, and systems integrators, to work collaboratively to solve the industry’s greatest challenges.

Ultrapure Micro is dedicated to bringing together companies from every part of the supply chain involved in water and chemicals management for semiconductors to help shape the future of chip manufacturing. The goal of UPM is to identify limiting factors and establish reproducible solutions through collaboration and cooperation to push the entire semiconductor industry forward.

We hosted our most comprehensive agenda yet in 2019. During this multi-day conference, industry experts demystified three key areas: Ultrapure Water Production, Water and Wastewater Management, and High-Performance Chemicals and High Purity Gases.

who attends

Ultrapure Micro is attended by a mixture of suppliers/vendors, end users, design/engineers, consultants, and academics. Each year UPM brings together key players from the industry to discuss the most pressing issues. Attending puts you in the room with the people who help directly change and improve the processes for the entire microelectronics cycle.

Discover why Ultrapure Micro is the premier conference for water and chemicals in the microelectronics industry.