IRDS 5th Annual Yield Workshop

Enabling Advanced Semiconductor Technology by Proactive Yield Management

This collaborative event brings together semiconductor experts familiar with the challenges of advanced process contamination control and yield enhancement to discuss proactive approaches in contamination control and data analysis. Invited participants will include experts in the areas of device design, process manufacturing, tool OEM, manufacturing materials, critical components and facility systems. We will hear from the device and process experts of the IRDS More Moore group, who will talk about the risk of defects within the device and discuss methods and and opportunities for proactive Yield Management. During the workshop, we will learn about the implications of device level defects and how they may be related to the level of purity required from high purity water, gases, precursors, chemicals, and critical components. The outcome of the workshop will be to set direction for the 2021 IRDS roadmap update for the Yield Enhancement forum. We will also explore the opportunities for new and revised SEMI standards that will be necessary to address the industry needs in the space of contamination control and Yield Enhancement.


Who should attend: Although the event is by invitation only, is you are an expert interested in contributing to the outcome of the event, please contact Slava Libman at

When: September 10, 2020, 8:00am – 11:00am PDT and September 14, 2020, 7:00am – 9:00am PDT

Where: A Teams link will be provided for the main agenda and breakout sessions, as listed below.


Day 1 – September 10th 2020

Agenda Review
Slava Libman (FTD Solutions)

Semiconductor Technology Trends
Paolo Gargini (Chairman of IRDS) – 15 mins

Defect Definitions
Mustafa Badaroglu (MM IFT IRDS) – 20 mins

Manufacturing Process Challenges 
Archita Sengupta (Intel) – 20 mins

Tool Environment Contamination Control
Jim Snow (Screen) – 15 mins

SEMI Standards
James Amano (Sr. Director SEMI Standards) – 10 mins

IRDS Process and Deliverables for 2021 + Workshop Process
Slava Libman (FTD Solutions) – 20 mins
Propose a new approach and philosophy of yield management, to be addressed in breakout discussions.

Break – 10 mins

Breakout Discussion – 60 mins – Implications of the defect definition to the respective disciplines/groups (Chemicals, Critical Components, AMC and Gases/Precursors)

Do we have alignment between specific parameters defined in the roadmap with respect to the device sensitivity to contamination, technology and metrology capability?

What parameters cannot be controlled due to limited metrology of purification technology and as the result require proactive technology management? (parameters marked in red in the roadmap)

What specifically can be done to address proactively the technology gap?

SEMI Standards opportunities to support proactive technology management

IDM/Suppliers sponsorship opportunity for IRDS experimental work

Day 2 – September 14th 2020

Reports from the breakout discussions (separate follow-up meeting to be scheduled) – 90 mins

Panel discussion – next steps – 30 mins

If you have any queries or would like to contribute to this meeting, please contact Slava Libman at