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Ultrapure Water

  • Ultrapure water(UPW) manufacturing hollow fiber membrane-type membrane degassing process development
  • Reliability evaluation of liquid particle counter (LPC) using field-flow fractionation toward accurate particle measurement
  • The UPW filter cascade: Functions, Risks and Recommendations
  • Measurement of TOC and Fluorine Ion Extraction Rates from Polymeric Piping in Hot Ultrapure Water
  • Effect of dissolved gas in UPW on particle detection using acoustic particle counters
  • Proactive Quality Management in the UPW Polish System
  • Development of Advanced Particle Analysis for Sub-10 nm Particles
  • Nanoparticle Adsorption of Polish IEX resins investigated by MRI
  • Nanoparticles Characterization for Semiconductor UPW Production System Monitoring Using ICP-MS
  • Functional water solutions to enable advanced wet cleaning process for next-generation semiconductor device manufacturing
  • Long-term installation confirms thermoplastic pipe stress modeling and design rules – Best Known Methods (BKM`s)
  • A detailed review of a HUPW piping installation after 20 years of use
  • Alternative to Persulfate TOC Method for Semiconductor Water
  • High throughput online VPD-ICPMS for automated determination of metal contaminants on process wafers
  • Study on particle behavior in ultrapure water
  • Calibration of CPC Detection Efficiency Using Mono-Disperse Aerosols

Water Management

  • Doing More with Less – Minimizing Data Center Water and Wastewater
  • The Business of Saving Water
  • Electrodialysis Reversal Enhanced by Ceramic Membranes for Recycling of Copper Wastewater
  • Development of Breakthrough Solutions via Clever Water Management Strategy
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Removal: GAC or Enzyme Approach?
  • Solutions to the Isopropanol Abatement challenge
  • HF Neutralization plants – lots of solids – huge potential for optimization
  • Achieving 99% Water Recovery with Membrane System Arrangements
  • Diversion of Hydrofluoric Acid and Ethylene Glycol Mix to Fluoride Wastewater for Treatment
  • Effective and incremental operation methods to improved cooling tower performance utilizing filtration
  • Navigating Business Continuity During a Natural Disaster While in the Midst of a Pandemic
  • Minimizing risk of leveraging existing, aging facilities to support new and existing manufacturing needs
  • Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) in Water Systems (for Biofilm Management in Water Systems)

Ultra-High Performance Chemicals

  • Metal removal life test and organic impurity of ion exchange resin
  • Sub-10nm particle detection on 300mm wafers
  • Analysis of Trace Level Organic Compounds in Water and Sulfuric Acid Using Solid Phase Extraction Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry
  • A Practical Method Detection Limit (MDL) Determination Methodology Using Quality Data
  • Native Particle and Metal Removal in Isopropyl Alcohol – A Study on Optimization of Filtration Schemes
  • The Current Effort to Limit or Eliminate Fluorocarbon materials
  • The Challenges of Chemical Waste Reclamation and Potential Re-use within the semiconductor industry

AMC & Gases

  • Quantum Cascade Laser Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Analyzers for PPT-level CO and CO2 Detection
  • Measurement of nanoparticles and their precursors
  • Detecting Aerosol Events Caused by Nanoparticles
  • Real-time monitoring of AMCs with PTR-TOF – From Lab to Fab
  • Enhanced rate-of-rise measurements using oxygen


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