Roundtable Topics

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Roundtable 1 – Key Lessons and Considerations in UPW and HUPW Distribution Shutdown and Restart

James Lee, Samsung Austin Semiconductor


Roundtable 2 – Ion Exchange Resin Management: Lifetime, Triggers, Operations, Strategy

Varinder Malik, Samsung Austin Semiconductor


Roundtable 3 – UPW Sampling and Lab Testing: How Often, Which Samples, What Parameters, Methods?

Maohua Pan, Air Liquide Electronics


Roundtable 4 – Next Generation Particle Metrology for UPW for Particle Pre-Cursor Measurement

Gary Van Schooneveld, CT Associates


Roundtable 5 – New Challenges to Ultrapure Water Filtration

Jochen Ruth & Gerd Heser, Pall


Roundtable 6 – Physics of the particle vs. high-molecular-weight dissolved organic

Steve Kosier, Kanomax FMT


Roundtable 7 – “Real” Particle Concentration in UPW Unknown? Discussion on different state of the art particle metrologies

Maria Pia Herrling, Ovivo


Roundtable 8 – Evaluating UPW System Capacity and Minimizing Upgrade Scope

Dave Buesser, FTD Solutions


Roundtable 9 – What is new in UPW membrane technology?

Denise Haukkala, DuPont


Roundtable 10 – Design for Maintenance & Operation Principles in UPW Systems – End User Perspective

Alana Denning, Page/imes


Roundtable 11 – Ultrapure Water Sequences – What’s on second?

Chuck Dale, Suez


Roundtable 12 – The impact of over stated tool requirements on fab support system design

Lindsey Sullivan, FTD Solutions


Roundtable 13 – Chemicals – Sampling and Analysis of in-line and end-of-line Ultra High Performance Chemicals

Florian Adler, Tiger Optics


Roundtable 14 – Ultra High Performance Chemical Distribution and Blending

David Kandiyeli, Mega Fluid Systems


Roundtable 15 – Chemicals – Supply Chain Challenges and the Cost of Quality

Archita Sengupta, Intel


Roundtable 16 – Filtration for UHP Chemicals – Which filter is which and where do I use it?

Ashutosh Bhabhe, Entegris


Roundtable 17 – High Purity Chemicals for Advanced Technology


Roundtable 18 – Chemical Particles <20nm: How to pick the right filter and detection challenges

Anthony Ozzello, Entegris


Roundtable 19 – New Challenges of Specialty Waste Treatment Systems

Alan Knapp, Evoqua


Roundtable 20 – Best Practices for POU Scrubber Wastewater Management

Zachary Boswell, Samsung Austin Semiconductor


Roundtable 21 – Fab tool water optimization and reclamation



Roundtable 22 – Instrumentation Selection in Wastewater

Victoria Yun, Samsung Austin Semiconductor


Roundtable 23 – SEMI C98 – Guide for Treatment of Reuse Water in Semiconductor Processing

Paul Kerr, Intel


Roundtable 24 – Selection of Piping Materials for Wastewater Collection Systems and Hydrogen Peroxide in Wastewater

Casey Williamson, Semtec


Roundtable 25 – HF treatment – Lime or Cacl₂ – which is best for me?

Luke Wilson & Stephanie Lopez, Samsung Austin Semiconductor


Roundtable 26 – CANCELLED


Roundtable 27 – AMC Metrology

Peng Sun, ChemTrace, A Business Unit of UCT


Roundtable 28 – AMC – Fab & Tool Environment

Walter Den, Texas A&M University-San Antonio


Roundtable 29 – AMC – FOUP & Mini-Environment

Latif Ahmed, Intel


Roundtable 30 – Critical Component Analysis

Surjany Russell, ChemTrace, A Business Unit of UCT


Roundtable 31 – Filter Rating and Testing – What does it mean?

Ryan Pavlick, Intel


Roundtable 32 – Prefabrication Preassembly Modularization and Offsite Fabrication: The IKEA Concept

John Painter, Pure Facilities Solutions


Roundtable 33 – Operations in the time of Pandemic

Brad Herbert, ON Semiconductor


Roundtable 34 – H2O2 in Wastewater – When do I need to worry?

Boris Eliosov, FTD Solutions