Companies on the Agenda

Day One Keynote

IRDS: Devices and Systems Innovation in the Next 15 Years

Paolo Gargini, Chairman, IRDS

Day Two Keynote

Semiconductor Market Trends – Optimistic Uncertainty of 2020 and Beyond

Dave Anderson, President, SEMI Americas

Day Three Keynote

IRDS Yield Enhancement: discussing the importance and the process of the contamination control roadmap development

Slava Libman, CEO, FTD Solutions


Ultrapure Water

  • Endotoxin Reduction in UPW
  • Comparison of Particle Shedding from High-Purity UPW Distribution Piping
  • Yield Enhancement in Wet Cleaning of Silicon Wafers by Critical Area Analysis
  • Microanalysis: A Novel Method to Characterize and Speciate Contaminants in Ultra Pure Water and Other Aqueous Chemicals
  • Can Nanoparticles Penetrate UPW Polishing Resins? Nanoscale Particle Interactions by High Resolution Imaging of Single Resin Beads
  • Removal of Trace Metals from Ultra Pure Water using Membrane-based Solutions
  • Trace Metal Analysis (ppq level) in Ultra Pure Water using Monolith as an Ion Concentrator
  • Leveraging Advanced Analytical Techniques and Productive Data Processing Tools to Address UPW Challenges
  • Fundamentals of Acoustic Particle Counting and Validation for UPW Monitoring
  • Approaching UPW System Management and Design in a Systematic Way
  • Best Practice in the Design and Fabrication of Fluoropolymer-lined vessels as reliable Ultra-High Purity Fluid Containment Systems: Influence of Material Selection, Fabrication Methods on Tank Performance
  • Determine Functional Pore Sizes of Ultrafiltration Membranes by Nanoparticle Retention Test using Single Particle ICP-MS
  • New Quartz Glass – Electric Melting of a Synthetic “Grain” in an Inert Atmosphere with High, Non-removable OH Content in the Glass Structure – tailored for 185nm Ultrapure Water Application
  • Development and Evaluation of a 3 nm Ultrapure Liquid Quality Monitor
  • Risks Incurred by Morphology Change of Silica in Ion Exchange Resins and their Countermeasures
  • Understanding Nanoparticle Contamination in Ultrapure Water Generation and Distribution
  • Sub-10nm defect inspection of unpatterned wafers by UNISERS and its application to UPW defectivity analysis

Water Management

  • Smart Primary Wastewater Management – Strategies, Rules, Examples
  • Biological Point of Use Wastewater Treatment
  • Thermoplastic Pipe Stress Modelling – Best Known Methods for Safe and Reliable Long-life Double Containment Piping Systems
  • Resource Conservation Projects at GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab8 in Malta, New York
  • Durability Improvement of Fluoride Ion Sensor Against Hydrogen Peroxide in Wastewater Management
  • Construction of a New Wastewater Recovery System/Business Model
  • Rapid Detection of Biofouling in Cooling Water Systems
  • Options to Manage PFAS Compounds in Wastewater: A Reverse Osmosis/Membrane Perspective
  • Managing the Biocide Measurement, Control & Regulatory Challenges in Wastewater Dechlorination and Disinfection using online TRO (Total Residual Oxidant) Analyzer
  • Condenser Loop Best Known Methods
  • Hydrofluoric Acid Neutralization and Precipitation Utilizing High Performance Lime

High Purity Chemicals & Gases and Airborne Molecular Contamination

  • New Sampling Module for Ultra-low Level Cation, Anions, and Organic Acids in Air/Gases
  • Effects of Static Electricity on Voltage-sensitive Metrology for Chemical Delivery Systems
  • Method Development for Trace Metal Impurities in Novel Sub-nm Photoresists by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)
  • When Should Skew Corrected Control Limits be Updated?
  • A Retrospective Review of AMC Issues: Our Understanding and Issues Incurred
  • The Challenges of Improving Sensitivity and Speed of Response for Detecting Airborne Molecular Contaminants in Cleanrooms
  • Comprehensive Online AMC Analysis Using SIFT-MS


  • Critical Components Analysis
  • AMC Metrology
  • New Challenges of Specialty Waste Treatment Systems
  • Evaluating UPW System Capacity and Minimizing Upgrade Scope
  • Filter Rating and Testing – What does it mean?
  • New Challenges to Ultrapure Water Filtration
  • Selection of Piping Materials for Wastewater Collection Systems and Hydrogen Peroxide in Wastewater
  • Best Practices for POU Scrubber Wastewater Management
  • HF Treatment – Lime or CaCl2 – which is best for me?
  • Key Lessons and Considerations in UPW and HUPW Distribution Shutdown and Restart
  • Fab Tool Water Optimization and Reclamation
  • UPW Sampling and Lab Testing: How often, which samples, what parameters, methods?
  • What is new in UPW membrane technology?
  • Sampling and Analysis of In-Line and End-of-Line High Performance Chemicals
  • AMC – Fab & Tool Environment
  • Ultra High Performance Chemical Distribution and Blending
  • Next Generation Particle Metrology for UPW for Particle Pre-Cursor Measurement
  • Supply Chain Challenges and the Cost of Quality – Chemicals
  • Filtration for UHP Chemicals – Which filter is which and where do I use it?
  • AMC – FOUP & Mini-Environment
  • Instrumentation Selection in Wastewater
  • Ion Exchange Resin Management: lifetime, triggers, operation, strategy
  • Design for Maintenance & Operation Principles in UPW Systems – End User Perspective
  • Basics of High Purity Gas Delivery for Semiconductor Applications: from cylinder to bulk to onsite generation
  • High Purity Chemicals for Advanced Technology