Ultrapure Micro 2019

June 5th-7th

Roundtables Session

The UPM 2019 Roundtables Session is a platform to exchange ideas and insights and to engage with one another in a more conversational setting. No microphones, no slideshows. Each Roundtable Speaker will lead two 30-minute discussion groups.

1. Ultrapure Water Filtration for the Future – What is needed? – Jochen Ruth & Gerd Heser, Pall Corporation

2. Choice of Materials of Construction for Ultrapure Water: Pumps, HEX, Elastomes, Piping, Liners – William Locke, Ovivo

3. What Can be Done for my UPW System to Meet Future Needs: Capabilities + How to Optimize your UPW System Capacity Charlotte Parks, Samsung Austin Seminconductor

4. Next Generation Particle Metrology for UPW – David Blackford, Kanomax

5. Hydrogen Peroxide in Ultrapure Water – Controversy: Is it there, do you treat to remove it, is it worth the cost, is it worth the possible side effects – Slava Libman, FTD Solutions

6. UPW Sampling and Lab Testing: How Often, Which Samples, What Parameters, Methods?Quynh Le, Air Liquide

7. Ion Exchange Resin Management: Lifetime, Triggers, Operations Strategy, etc. – Varinder Malik, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

8. Design for Maintenance Principles in UPW Systems: End User Perspective – Alana Denning, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

9. Ultrapure Water Sequences – Bernie Zerfas, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

10. High Purity Chemicals for Advanced Technology Kevin Prettyman, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

11. Ultra High Performance Chemical Distribution and Blending

12. Chemicals – Supply Chain Challenges and the Cost of Quality – Daniel Stucky, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

13. Chemical Particles < 20 nm: How to Pick the Right Filter and Detection Challenges – Ashutosh Bhabhe, Entegris

14. End User Onsite Chemical Purification Benoit Maag, Tosoh

15. Chemicals – Sampling and Analysis of in-line and end-of-line Ultra High Performance Chemicals – Tony Schleisman, SACHEM inc.

16. Air Separation

17. Gas Purification

18. Spec Gas Delivery

19. High Quality Semiconductor Gas Manufacturing Processing

20. Bulk Speciality Gases

21. Future Infrastructure, Environmental Compliance, Corporate Sustainability

22. Brine Management Technologies – Tom Pankratz, Water Desalination Report

23. Selection of Piping Materials for Wastewater Collection Systems and Hydrogen Peroxide in Wastewater

24. New Challenges of Speciality Waste Treatment Systems – Alan Knapp, Evoqua Water Technologies

25. Backgrinding and Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurry Wastewater Streams Challenges and Opportunities – Philippe Rychen, Ovivo

26. Lime System Best Practices and Issues – Luke Wilson, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

27. Sump Management and Impact to Overall Site Water Management – Kevin Abel and Joe Kasl, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

28. Water Reclamations: End-of-pipe Wastewater Treatment Concept and Applications

29. Prefabrication Preassembly Moduralization and Offsite Fabrication: The IKEA concept – John Painter, Pure Facilities Solutions

30. Recent Revision to the SEMI C79 Filter Test Guidelines – Gary Van Schooneveld, CT Associates