Nabil Mistkawi

Senior Staff Engineer/Technologist, Samsung Austin Semiconductor


Nabil G. Mistkawi is a Senior Staff Engineer/Technologist at Samsung.  He joined Samsung Austin Semiconductor (SAS) Cleans/CMP/EP (CC) LSI group in 2016.  Since then, he has been leading innovations in chemical formulations and process development. He is also engaged in yield improvements, cost reduction, and filtration technology research efforts. Previously, he was at Intel where he joined in 1993 and was involved in the development of the first Pentium processor and all microprocessor generations that followed.  Throughout his career he focused on path finding research efforts in the areas of wet, dry, and gas/vapor phase etching.  His work spans from the fundamental materials research and development to the scaling and technology transfer to high volume manufacturing.  He has earned numerous Samsung and Intel awards in innovations and process technology development used in various manufacturing processes and microprocessor products.    


Dr. Mistkawi’s innovations were recognized by President Obama in “Winning the Future” speech, Feb. 2011 in Hillsboro OR.  He was the recipient of the Intel Achievement Award for his work on nanowires transistor channel/Gate-All-Around and contributions to the “Development and demonstration of scalable transistor architecture for 7nm and beyond”, 2014.  He was the recipient of two “Global Environmental Awards” in 2005 & 2011 for “inventing environmentally friendly wet etch chemical formulations/processes”.  He was also the Recipient of the 2018 president award and the “Inventor of the year award” at Samsung Semiconductor in 2018 and 2017.


Dr. Mistkawi earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry and biochemistry from the University of Oregon, 1993.  He received his master’s degree in electrical engineering from Oregon Graduate Institute, 2004 and doctoral degree in Physical Chemistry and Materials Science from Portland State University, Oregon, 2010.  He holds 28 patents and the author of several technical papers.  He received the prestigious “Innovation in Technology Award” for his achievements from the academic community for North America.  He is also the recipient of the “Outstanding Young Alumni Award” and “Paul Emmett Award” from Portland State University.