Roundtable Topics

Filter Rating and Testing – What does it mean? – Ryan Pavlick, Intel

Critical Components Analysis – Surjany Russell, ChemTrace

AMC Metrology – Peng Sun, ChemTrace

AMC – Fab & the Tool Environment – Luh-Maan Chang, National Taiwan University & Walter Den, Texas A&M University San-Antonio

Selection of Piping Materials for Wastewater Collection Systems and Hydrogen Peroxide in Wastewater – John Painter, Pure Facilities Solutions & Casey Williamson, Semtec

New Challenges of Speciality Waste Treatment Systems – Alan Knapp, Evoqua

Dealing with organics: reclamation and reuse – Barbara Schilling, SUEZ

Best Practices for POU Scrubber Wastewater Management – Zachary Boswell, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Fab tool water optimization and reclamation – Jim Snow, SCREEN

HF treatment – Lime or CaCl2 – which is best for me? – Luke Wilson, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

High Purity Chemicals for Advanced Technology  – Kevin Prettyman, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Ultra High Performance Chemical Distribution and Blending – David Kandiyeli, Mega Systems

 Chemicals – Supply Chain Challenges and the Cost of Quality – Archita Sengupta, Intel Corporation

Filtration for UHP Chemicals – Which filter is which and where do I Use it – Ashutosh Bhabhe, Entegris

Chemicals – Sampling and Analysis of in-line and end-of-line Ultra High Performance Chemicals – Florian Adler, Tiger Optics

New Challenges to Ultrapure Water Filtration – Jochen Ruth & Gerd Heser, Pall Corporation

Next Generation Particle Metrology for UPW for particle pre-cursor measurement – Gary van Schooneveld, CTA Associates

Ion Exchange Resin Management: Lifetime, Triggers, Operations Strategy – Varinder Malik, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Evaluating UPW System Capacity and Minimizing Upgrade Scope – Dave Beuser, FTD Solutions

What is new in UPW membrane technology? – Denise Haukkala, DuPont

UPW Sampling and Lab testing: How often, Which samples, What parameters, Methods? – Maohua Pan, Air Liquide

Tearing Down the Invisible Wall: Communications Between Fab Users for Improved Total System Operations and Preventative Excursion Management – Charlotte Parks & Katie O’Brien, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Key Lessons and Considerations in UPW and HUPW Distribution Shutdown and Restart – James Lee, Samsung Austin Semiconductor