With an agenda steered by industry experts and driven by end-user needs, Ultrapure Micro (UPM) is the premier annual conference driving semiconductor manufacturing forward. Combining carefully curated technical presentations with ample networking opportunities, the conference engages with the whole supply chain to ensure that key industry challenges are addressed, and that practical, hands-on knowledge is shared amongst peers.

UPM is a primary avenue for knowledge transfer between the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS) and SEMI to engage with the entire supply chain, and inform the industry of the technology trajectory and practical solutions. Experts from these groups benefit from the collaborative space provided by UPM and the ability to produce informative resources, promote innovation, and encourage conversations.

5 Reasons to Attend

  • Industry reach: The only semiconductor-focused event that reaches all key areas of the supply chain, from technology & equipment suppliers, through to construction & engineering firms. With key representatives from Intel, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, Micron and more, the UPM annual conference provides access to top level facility owners.
  • Niche market access: With a unique focus on microcontamination and high purity environments, Ultrapure Micro provides deeply focused market insights, whilst bringing challenges to the attention of a wider industry audience.
  • Cutting edge research and solutions: Focusing on innovative yet practical research that will improve facility efficiency and tackle real-world problems.
  • Unrivalled networking: UPM is the best opportunity you will have to reach new partners and build relationships, expanding your business reach.
  • An ever-evolving agenda: With a fresh theme each year, the expert co-moderating team ensures that presentations tackle urgent industry issues requiring the latest innovative solutions.


The challenges we need to overcome necessitate broad collaboration from partners across the supply chain. Our goal is to build a safe environment for this exchange within a fiercely competitive industry. By breaking down silos and allowing end-users and vendors to communicate openly, the conference helps give a voice to all those involved in solving industry-wide challenges. Identifying these limitations and helping to establish reproducible solutions, the conference brings innovative solutions to the table and enables the next generation of technology.


The UPM community meet every year at the annual conference to discuss the future of the semiconductor industry. Whilst presentations explore advanced manufacturing challenges, the conference is developed to suit both entry-level engineers and those who are well-established in the industry. Those who focus on the following key areas will benefit from the data-driven presentations and networking opportunities, exploring fundamental insights and best practices:

  • Air / Gas Specialist
  • Automation
  • Business Development
  • Chemical Quality & Supply
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Delivery and Distribution
  • Department Management & Executives
  • EH&S
  • Facility Engineers
  • Facility Operation & Maintenance
  • Field Services
  • Filtration Specialists
  • Innovation
  • Instrumentation Providers
  • Materials Development
  • Membrane Suppliers & Services
  • Process Piping
  • Product Development / Process Managers
  • QA/QC
  • Research / R&D
  • Technicians
  • Technology Support/ Technology Integration
  • Scientists
  • Wastewater Solutions / Water Treatment
  • Water & Process Services