The Ultrapure Micro conference is developed alongside a co-moderating team of industry experts, from technology suppliers and semiconductor manufacturers,┬áincluding representatives from Intel, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, and GLOBALFOUNDRIES. They are committed to the distribution of the highest quality research and providing a collaborative platform that addresses the industry’s most pressing challenges. Each year they work hard to help deliver an Ultrapure Micro agenda that is data-driven and always keeps end-users needs in mind.

Alan Knapp

Senior Director, Microelectronics Market, Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC

Alex Milshteen

Engineering and Commissioning Manager, Intel Corporation

Andreas Neuber

Director Environmental Services, Applied Materials

Bernie Zerfas

Facilities Engineer, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Bob McIntosh

Consultant, Enviro-Energy Solutions

Brad Herbert

Sr. Project Manager and Process Engineer, Corbin Consulting Engineers

Dan Wilcox

Principal | Process Engineering Director, Page

Glen Biggs

Facilities Engineer, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Jim Snow

Senior Technologist, SCREEN SPE

Latif Ahmed

Microcontamination Engineer, Intel

Mike Knapp

Formerly, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Nora Colligan

Staff Engineer, Material Technology, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Rushi Matkar

Pathfinding Technologist, Ultrapure Water R&D Center, Intel

Ryan Pavlick

Filtration & Purification Technologist, Intel

Slava Libman

CEO, FTD Solutions LLC

Stevie Maxwell

Sr. Process Chemical Engineer, Micron Technology

Victoria Yun

Senior Facilities Engineer, Samsung Austin Semiconductor