Submitted Abstracts


3M: Retention efficiency for sub-30 nm particles quantitatively measured by single particle detection

Agilent Technologies, Inc.: Multi-Element Nanoparticle Screening in UPW and High Purity Chemicals

Air Liquide: Advanced Microscopy for Quantification and Identification of Particle Contamination in UPW, Process Chemicals, and Industrial Gases

Air Liquide Electronics – Balazs Nanoanalysis: A Novel ICP-MS Metrology for Analysis of Nanoparticles in UPW

Air Liquide Electronics – Balazs Nanoanalysis: Quantitative ICP-MS Analysis of High-k ALD Precursors for Trace Elemental Impurities

Aqua Metrology Systems: TRUMPF Optimizes Ion Exchange System with Reliable and Continuous Data from Novel Real-time Arsenic Analyzer

Carollo Engineers, Inc.: Water Management for Cooling Towers: Makeup and Blow-down Treatment Optimization

CT Associates, Inc: Understanding Particle Contribution From Components Used in Ultrapure Water and High-Purity Chemical Systems and Their Impact on Industry-Driven Particle Requirements

DOC-Labor: Organics in UPW: What information do we get from LC – OCD-OND (Liquid Chromatography – Organic Carbon Detection – Organic Nitrogen Detection)

Entegris Inc.: Predictive model to understand removal of metals from solvents

Entegris Inc.: Contamination and Additives in Formulated Chemistries – How can Filtration Enable Next Generation Semiconductor Processes?

Evoqua Water Technologies: Restoring Ultrafiltration Membrane Performance in UPW Systems

Fluid Imaging Technologies: New Nano and Microparticle Detection, Identification, and Monitoring of fluids Using Nano-flow Imaging Microscopy

FTD Solutions: Proactive Technology Management via UPW IRDS and SEMI UPW task force: Enabling High Yield of Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing

FTD Solutions: Change management – for better water management

FTD Solutions: UPW Final Filters: Case Study – Replacing UF’s with Cartridge Filters

KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Wastewater Treatment using Membrane Distillation

KURITA WATER INDUSTRIES LTD.: Manufacture and analytical technologies of pg/L grade metals in UPW

KURITA WATER INDUSTRIES LTD.: Silica and boron removal technology, using EDI and analysis technology.

K-water: A study on prediction of water quality of produced water considering characteristics of individual process design factors for ultrapure water production

K-water: K-water’s Efficient Operation Strategy for SWRO Desalination Plant

Mettler Toledo – Thornton: Advancements in the Measurement of Resistivity in UPW Systems

MGN International: Breaking Barriers in Traditional Light Scattering Particle Detection Technology

N/A: Ultrapure Water Protects Power Plant Turbines from Chloride Attack

ORGANO Corporation: Synthesis and Application of New Ion Exchanger for ultra pure water treatment.

ORGANO Corporation: The pretreatment method for high water recovery RO system.

ORGANO Corporation: Ultrapure CO2 Supply and Recycle System for the Supercritical CO2 Drying Process in Nano-Scale Semiconductor Manufacturing

ORGANO Corporation: Xe recovery and reuse system from etching process exhaust gas

ORGANO Corporation: Suitable combination of cationic and anionic ion exchange resin for the removal of trace amount of metal impurities from isopropyl alcohol

Ovivo Switzerland AG: Ion Exchange Resins for advanced Removal of Nanoparticles from UPW? – A novel Imaging Approach 

Ovivo Switzerland AG: Semiconductor wastewater treatment by MEC for the effective removal of fluorides and phosphates.

Ovivo Switzerland AG: Process LC-OND-Analyzer for Urea monitoring

Pall Corporation: Why to replace a filter – Lifetime limitations and replacement criteria

Pall Corporation: Cost cutting by wastewater treatment and water reuse – Case studies

PeroxyChem: State of the Art Manufacturing Processes of Electronics Grade H2O2 for the Semiconductor Industry

Pure Facilities Solutions LLC: Innovative Approaches for Construction Project Delivery

Sachem, Inc.: Accurate and reproducible analysis of metals in TMAH and UPW with quantitation in the low ppq level

Samsung Austin Semiconductor: pH Based Drainage for Semiconductor POU Abatement Equipment

Samsung Austin Semiconductor: Multiple High Purity Resin (HPIX) Qualification For UPW System – Reducing Supply Risk

Sinha Solutions: Important Process Considerations in SC1 Cleaning of Silicon Wafers by RCA-based Cleaning Process

Suez Water Technologies and Solutions: Phosphorus and Metals Eliminated from Cooling Water through new Surface Film Engineering and new CHO Polymer Technology

Sumco USA: Important Process Considerations in SC1 Cleaning of Silicon Wafers by RCA-based Cleaning Process

SWAN Analytical USA: Low level Oxygen Detection with Integrated Data Validation in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Trojan Technologies: The role of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Organic Carbon Species in UV/VUV treatment for Ultrapure water

UNISERS : Silica detection in H2SO4 and HCl with universal surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Versum Materials, Inc.: Impact of right skew on upper control limit estimation for trace impurities in semiconductor chemicals