About Ultrapure Micro

Ultrapure Micro (UPM) is a community of experts who wish to connect and share their knowledge with the wider microelectronics industry. To do this, UPM host an annual conference for industry collaboration, research, and networking; the UPM event has become a well-established annual event within the industry calendar, where semiconductor manufacturers, vendors and suppliers meet to discuss the latest trends in high purity environments, micro contamination around critical substrates in manufacturing, and water management in fabrication plants.

Working in tandem with the event is the Ultrapure Micro online platform; as the conference has grown, so has the industry’s thirst for knowledge. To fulfil this need UPM has expanded its online offerings to feature an online hub for all UPM content. To find out more about the UPM community, our history, the resources available and the many different ways you can contribute to our mission, please visit the Ultrapure Micro Online Platform.

ultrapure micro events

UPM explores the cutting-edge solutions that are being created to control the quality of ultrapure water (UPW), chemicals, critical components, gases and airborne molecular contamination (AMC) at increasingly complex facilities, and addresses the most pressing water management challenges by offering solutions to  increase water conservation, reuse rates and wastewater treatment efficiency.

With the help of our expert co-moderating team , each year the UPM agenda is carefully curated to incorporate technical presentations, engaging roundtables, expert-led panel discussions and open networking sessions, all of which aim to keep the industry updated with cutting-edge approaches to quality control, proactive technology management and yield enhancement strategies. UPM works in close collaboration with SEMI and the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS) to produce informative resources, promote innovation in the industry, and encourage conversations that reach around the world.

our history

In 2014 the Ultrapure Micro event was acquired by Global Water Intelligence (GWI), the leading publisher and events organizer serving the international water industry. Since then, GWI and UPM have worked together to push the microelectronics industry forward.

UPM began with an initial focus on the key topic of ultrapure water. Whilst this remains a key area of the conference, over the years the event has expanded to focus on the broader issue of micro contamination; with sessions and presentations on issues within UPW, water management & wastewater treatment, high purity chemicals and ultra-high-purity gases. In 2020 UPM will bring the discussion closer to the wafer and will encourage the industry-wide efforts to enable yield and to embrace proactive technology management.