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Get practical solutions to technical challenges in semiconductor manufacturing

Ultrapure Micro (UPM) was founded to help advance solutions that address critical challenges in semiconductor manufacturing. Guided by an expert co-moderating team, and supported by our industry partners and sponsors, UPM has a uniquely technical, practical focus. We support UPM Members and professionals from across the industry through a number of initiatives: 

Annual Conference
Join the premier event showcasing technical insights, new technologies, and facility solutions

Technical Knowledge Base
Access 700+ presentations and articles developed by end-users and academics

Online Webinars
Get valuable perspectives directly from engineers and end-users 

Map the microelectronics value chain, discover technologies and find solutions

UPM University
Accelerate learning pathways for semiconductor professionals


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UPM explores the cutting-edge solutions that are being created to control the quality of ultrapure water (UPW), chemicals, critical components, gases and airborne molecular contamination (AMC) at increasingly complex facilities, and addresses the most pressing water management challenges by offering solutions to  increase water conservation, reuse rates and wastewater treatment efficiency.

With the help of our expert co-moderating team , each year the UPM agenda is carefully curated to incorporate technical presentations, engaging roundtables, expert-led panel discussions and open networking sessions, all of which aim to keep the industry updated with cutting-edge approaches to quality control, proactive technology management and yield enhancement strategies. UPM works in close collaboration with SEMI and the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS) to produce informative resources, promote innovation in the industry, and encourage conversations that reach around the world.

our history







The UPM Community Platform is launched.
The annual conference takes place online for the first time with an expanded agenda to include presentations on Airborne Molecular Contamination.
The agenda for the annual conference expands to include High Purity Gases.
For the first time, the agenda for the annual conference expands beyond water and welcomes presentations on High-Performance Chemicals.
Intel joins the platform as an industry partner. To fulfil its mission of serving the microelectronics community UPM also launched the Learning Series – workshops that offer training for both new and experienced engineers. The Learning Series live event, which takes place during the Ultrapure Micro event, is designed for engineers with end-users’ needs in mind.
Samsung Austin Semiconductor becomes UPM’s industry partner.
To better serve the microelectronics community and to address the complexities of the semiconductor manufacturing, the UPM annual conference added Site Water Management and Wastewater Treatment to the agenda, expanding beyond Ultrapure Water.
GWI acquired Ultrapure Water Journal and took over the management of the Ultrapure Water Conference that focused on the production of ultrapure water for semiconductor manufacturing.