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Facilities Growth
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Yield and Reliability

Day 2
Keynote Address

Todd Brady, Intel 

Introduction to the UPM University
Orla McCoy, Global Water Intelligence and Slava LibmanFTD solutions
Roundtables - 3 x 25-minute rotations

The UPM 2022 Roundtables Session is a platform to exchange ideas and insights and to engage with one another in a more conversational setting. Each Roundtable moderator will lead 3 25-minute discussion groups.

New Perspective on Particles for Yield Facility 2.0

Gary Van Schooneveld, CT Associates

Commissioning - Time To Market

Chad Montoya, LotusWorks 

Sustainability Challenges: Maximizing Water Reclaim vs. Energy Consumption and Cost

Deena StarkelMicron Technology 

Supply Chain Challenges: Design Considerations

Dave BuesserFTD Solutions 

Taking the Pain out of Water Reuse & ZLD

Devesh Sharma, Aquatech 

Regional Collaboration to Support Industry Growth

Samantha Pinkal, Greater Phoenix Economic Council 

People, Talent and the Staffing Deficit

Elizabeth BetancourtIntel Corporation 

Digital Transformation

Assaf Harel, Intel Corporation 

Understanding the UPW Filtration Cascade - 3 Stages With Very Different Functions

Gerd Heser, Pall Corporation 

Waste to Value: What are the Opportunities for Resource Recovery in Water?

Valia Sfaelou, DAS Environmental Expert

Net Water Positive

John TracyGradiant 

Water Treatment Chemistries for Cooling Towers

Don Lonsert, Apollo

Troubleshooting Quality Issues in UPW Systems.

Glen SundstromEvoqua 

Workaround for Supply Chain Issues
Chiller Plant Expansion to Meet Increasing Cooling Demands

Jason Hoe,  Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Considerations For Designing High-Efficiency Site Water Management

Alana DenningPage 

Practical Impacts from Pipe Stress Analysis of Plastic Piping

Eric Esparza, Page 

Onsite Water Reuse and Recovery

Ryan Pavlick, Intel 

Advanced RO Solutions and Applications for Wastewater Reclamation

Denise Haukkala, Dupont 

Brine Management

Greg NewbloomMembrion 

Facility 2.0 Gas Abatement Challenges and Best Practices
Opportunities with Fluoropolymer Recycling

Ariana Cowell and Jenell McCall, Chemours

PFAS: State of U.S. EPA Health Advisories and Detection

Joshua Griffis, Evoqua Water Technologies  

Networking Coffee Break
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Facilities Growth

Advanced Technology Design for hot UPW supply

Ute Sierig, GlobalFoundries

UPW Distribution Design to Enable Capacity Optimization and Understand Risk in Facility 2.0

Lindsey Sullivan, FTD Solutions

Environmental Footprint

Point-of-Use Abatement System Water Usage Minimization and Optimization

The Value of Waste Water

Jochen Ruth, Pall

Yield and Reliability
What is Known About Urea Control in UPW Systems?
Noga Fridman-Bishop, FTD Solutions
Real Time AMC Monitoring with Novel Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry at Single Digit pptv Concentrations
Carla Frege, Tofwerk
Networking Lunch
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Facilities Growth

A Study on the Development and Performance Evaluation Method of MDG Membrane Module

Boungsu Kwon, K-Water **Pre-recorded Presentation 

Advanced Precipitation Membrane Treatment Systems for Fluoride Wastewaters and RO Recovery Maximization

Geer Qile, Saltworks ***Please note this presentation is pending final approval 

Environmental Footprint

Microelectronics Reuse of Wastewater with Abrasive Solids using Ceramic Membranes

Nori Kanamori, Meiden America 

High Recovery PFRO for Brine Minimization in a Semiconductor FAB

Gal Greenberg, IDE Water Technologies

Yield and Reliability

Multi-Species PPT-Level Impurity Detection in Electronic Bulk Gases Using Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Erika Coyne, Process Insights

Clean UPW Sampling in Facility Environment: Solutions to Minimize Cross-contamination

Jerome Gaering, Ovivo

Closing Panel

Bernie Zerfas, formerly GlobalFoundries, Bob McIntoshEnviro-Energy Solutions, Alan Knapp, Evoqua Water Technologies,


Closing Remarks