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Invitation-Only Workshop
Welcome Reception

This welcome drinks' reception will be open to anyone arriving to register for the conference.

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Facilities Growth
Environmental Footprint
Yield and Reliability

Day 1
Welcome Remarks and UPM 2021 Best Presentation Awards

Jablanka Uzelac, Global Water Intelligence 

Keynote Address

Zac Rosenbaum, Samsung Austin Semiconductor 

IRDS & SEMI Update

Slava Libman, FTD Solutions 

Networking Coffee Break
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9:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Facilities Growth

Opening Keynote Panel: Facilities Growth 

Moderator: Alex Milshteen, Intel Corporation 

Speakers: Elizabeth Betancourt, Intel Corporation, John Painter, Georg Fischer, Greg Jackson, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Darragh Sweeney, LotusWorks 

Why should you care about Cafeteria Grease Trap cleaning? Chasing Root Cause of Cu Corrosion Defects

Latif Ahmed, Intel **Pre-recorded Presentation  

Gas Analytical Needs and Expectations for EUV nodes

Kristine Andrysco, Samsung Austin Semiconductor 

Yield and Reliability

Opening Keynote Panel: Yield and Reliability 

Moderator: Slava Libman, FTD Solutions

Speakers: Nabil Mistkawi, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, Abbas Rastegar, Applied Materials, Jim Snow SCREEN SPE

Online Automated Determination of Organic Contaminants in Semiconductor Grade Chemicals

Alex Lang, Elemental Scientific

Interconnect Metal Recess Using Functional Water Solutions for Next-Generation Semiconductor Device Manufacturing

Nobuko Gan, Kurita Water Industries

Environmental Footprint

Opening Keynote Panel, Environmental Footprint 

Moderator: Paul Kerr, Intel Corporation

Kelly Osborne, Intel Corporation, Josh Best, FTD solutions, Dane Louvier, Samsung Austin Semiconductor 

Eco Efficiency in Ultrapure Water Treatment System Design and Operation and Site Water/Energy Relationship

 Bob McIntosh, Enviro Energy Solutions

Conserving Energy and Water Through Recapture and Recirculation of Hot UPW

Charles Miller, SCREEN SPE 

Networking Lunch
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Yield and Reliability

On-wafer Defectivity Analysis of UPW With Successive Spin Drying

 Ali Ozhan Altun, UNISERS 

Establishing Correlations between UPW Quality and Particle Deposition on Silicon 300 mm Wafer

Philippe Rychen, Ovivo Switzerland 

Critical Organics Risk Assessment of High-Purity Polymer Piping

Gary Van Schooenveld, CT Associates

Measurement of Particle Concentration and Wafer Defects during Ion Exchange Resin Rinse

Derek Oberreit, Kanomax FMT

Environmental Footprint

Membrane Distillation: a Solution to PFAS Removal and Energy Optimization in the Semiconductor Industry

Andreas Tornblom, Xzero AB

PFAS – The Next Great Wastewater Challenge

Taimur Burki, Intel

Sustainable Water Treatment and Recycling using Novel Hollow Fiber Nano-filtration

Jörg Winter, NX Filtration  

PFAS Treatment Management & Design Best Practices

Scott Corney, SUEZ  **Please note this presentation is pending final approval 

Facilities Growth

Compressed Air Operational Analysis to Gain Capacity and Improve Efficiency

Matthew Milan, Samsung Austin Semiconductor 

Streamlining Data Driven Decisions to Support Facility 2.0 Needs

Gil Maron, FTD Solutions and Kelly Osborne, Intel Corporation 

Construction Digitalization 

Assaf Harel, Intel Corporation 

The Case for Prefabrication of Preloaded Piping Racks With Full Design Services

John Painter, Georg Fischer

Networking Coffee Break
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Yield and Reliability

Study on How Ultrapure Water Could Contribute to Particle Types Identified on Wafer, and How Ion Exchange Resin Selection Could Make a Difference

Yoichi Tanaka, Kurita Water Industries, and  Jas Wai Yeng Cheong, Intel  ** Pre-recorded Presentation 

Benchmarking the Particle Removal Performance of Ultrafiltration Modules in UPW Using Several Particle Metrologies

Najib Alia, Ovivo Switzerland 

Facility 2.0: The Challenge TOC < 0.1 ppb and what LC-OCD has to say

Stefan Huber, DOC-LABOR

Environmental Footprint

Recycle of SPM in Single-Wafer Process Applications

Charles Miller, SCREEN SPE 

Maximizing Water Recycling and Minimizing Wastewater Volumes

Amrat Gandhi, Gradiant

Membrane Protection Through Efficient Dechlorination Control with Direct, Accurate and Automatic Measurement of Low-PPB Chlorine Residual

Denton Slovacek, Hach

Facilities Growth

1 Hour Panel Discussion on Facility Construction 

Moderator: Bob Mcintosh, Enviro-Energy Solutions

Speakers: Dave Buesser, FTD Solutions, Chee Tan, Intel, Cordell Tietz, Charter, Alan Knapp, Evoqua.

RE-USING UPW PVDF PIPE – Can we re-use PVDF pipe for UPW?

Katrin Wallheinke and Christian Schiefer, Georg Fischer Piping Systems 

Networking Drinks Reception & Industry Mixer
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