Ultrapure Micro

The Ultrapure Micro Association was founded in 2017, the first organization of its kind, provides the ultrapure water for microelectronics sector a dedicated platform for industry collaboration, research, knowledge exchange and networking. The organization publishes the Ultrapure Micro Journal and organizes the annual Ultrapure Micro event in collaboration with a team of expert co-moderators and peer-review board who represent every part of the semiconductor manufacturing cycle.

mission statement

The Ultrapure Micro association was launched in 2017 with an ambition to build upon the successes seen by the annual Ultrapure Water Event in promoting knowledge sharing and research and development for ultrapure water for the microelectronics industry.

The Ultrapure Micro Journal and Ultrapure Micro Events work in tandem as part of the Ultrapure Micro association to facilitate collaboration and to navigate the complexities of the semiconductor manufacturing process, with a focus on high performance chemicals and high purity gases in addition to its initial focus on water for semiconductor manufacturing.

The Ultrapure Micro association is supported by a best in class Peer-Review Board and Event Co-Moderators. Comprised of industry experts from technology suppliers and semiconductor manufacturers, they are committed to the distribution of the highest quality research and providing a collaborative platform that addresses the industry’s most pressing challenges.

ultrapure micro journal

Starting over two decades ago with Ultrapure Water Journal and Industrial Water Treatment MagazineUltrapure Micro Journal (UPMJ) continues the rich tradition of user-focused research and technology development by advancing the quality of published material to the next level with our Peer-Review Board. As the microelectronics industry and its quality standards have evolved and grown in complexity, there has been a growing demand for a peer-review journal that tackles the unique needs and challenges of the ultrapure water for microelectronics industry.

Ultrapure Micro publishes tightly focused, high quality peer-reviewed research and review articles on all aspects of the science and technology of ultrapure water (UPW) treatment and usage within the microelectronics industry.

ultrapure micro events

The renowned Ultrapure Micro conference stands alongside its sister publication, the peer-reviewed Ultrapure Micro Journal, together working to address the unique challenges and complexities of the semiconductor manufacturing process and provide a focused platform for collaborative development.

No other industry event covers the breadth or depth of water and chemical issues for semiconductor manufacturing where industry members gather to present innovative ideas to a collection of the key players, from service providers to end-users.

The collaborative nature of the microelectronics industry is driven by consumer demand for increased capability. Ultrapure Micro is the only knowledge sharing platform of its kind that offers a common ground forum for all industry participants to meet, offering a data-driven technical program that is built around the expertise of its attendees.

2019 was another year of growth for UPM, attracting more of the industry’s key players, as well as expanding the agenda to include High Purity Gases.